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Since 2014, Convert Digital has been at the forefront of driving digital success for businesses across the UK, Europe, and the US. Our mission is to empower your online presence by designing bespoke strategies that focus on organic growth, enhance conversation rates, and ultimately increase your leads and sales.

Our industry-specific optimisation approach has paid off, with dozens of clients not only achieving and sustaining top-level search results but also managing to meet and exceed growth and development targets. 


Tom Clark, Founder

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Our Story...

While studying music at BIMM through The University of Sussex in 2009, Tom Clark, the founder of Convert Digital ventured into the digital world by launching an online guitar lesson platform. After self-learning the basics of SEO and conversion optimisation, he realised that he had ‘the knack’ for SEO when he was repeatedly contacted by prospective students from around the world. 

To further his SEO skills and knowledge, he joined a leading SEO company in Brighton in 2012 as an intern. At BozBoz, he honed his already impressive SEO and conversion optimisation skills under the tutelage of Krystian Szastok, an accomplished and recognised name in SEO. After a mere four months, he was offered a permanent position as a full-fledged technical SEO agent.

February 2014 marked a pivotal moment as Tom established Convert Digital, a freelance SEO agency focused primarily on elevating small and niche websites. The company’s rapid success and growing clientele led to a partnership with Paul Gordon, a seasoned technical SEO and digital marketing expert. Together, they forged a reputation for being a reliable, effective, and straightforward team, delivering on their promises and growing primarily through recommendations and endorsements of their satisfied clients.

In 2022, the duo expanded into a trio with Gerhard Dippenaar joining the team as head of content development, enhancing their offerings with high-quality, keyword-rich content that perfectly complements their top-tier technical SEO and digital marketing services.

Now, in 2023, Convert Digital stands as a compact yet formidable team of specialists, committed to delivering personalised, direct, and exceptionally effective SEO services that consistently surpass client expectations.  


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Why work with a small team?


When you choose a large SEO agency, you don’t deal with your SEO agent. You spend your time communicating with sales agents and account managers who have to meet their sales quotas.

When you choose Convert Digital, you deal with Tom, Paul, or Gerhard. 

Cutting out all the middle-men means that you are served directly by your techincal SEO and content creation team. There’s no miscommunication or delays in relaying messages, neither are there any salespeople trying to push unnecessary services. There is only a dedicated and transparent team focused on understanding and achieving your goals.

When you choose Convert Digital, you’re choosing a team of experienced experts. We don’t hand your site over to a trainee to practice on, we don’t experiment at your expense, and we use nothing but the best tools and proven strategies to ensure your best possible return on SEO investment. 

When you choose Convert Digital, you choose:


Bespoke and customised SEO services

We go out of our way to understand your needs and develop unique strategies based on your exact requirements.

Cost effectiveness  

With lower overheads, we can offer more competitive pricing than larger agencies with bloated teams.

Quick and decisive decision making

By dealing with your SEO agent directly, you can ensure that any decisions are acted on without delay.

Consistency in service

Your SEO needs will be met by the same small team time after time, ensuring consistently good results. 

Strong relationships over years

SEO is an ongoing process. We build strong relationships with our clients who trust our serives for years.

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