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Skyline Skydiving is a UK-based company offering tandem skydiving experiences across multiple locations. As one of the leading UK charity event organisers, they’ve supported more than 3000 charities over the last three decades, raising millions of pounds for all manner of worthy causes, covering sectors such as health, community, the environment, and much much more.

Skyline Skydiving approached Convert Digital with an interest in further developing their online presence in June 2022. Since then, their site has gone from strength to strength, achieving the number 1 position in Google for several of their high-value keywords.


Key successes

Skyline Skydiving


revenue increase compared to pre-SEO

Skyline Skydiving


SERP result for key/high-value keywords

Skyline Skydiving

First page

rankings for dozens of locations across the UK

Skyline Skydiving


of two competing sites into one with ranking increases

How did we do it?

Skyline Skydiving’s journey to SEO success started the same way it has for many of Convert Digital’s clients: with a detailed SEO audit that evaluated and assessed all parts of their website and online presence. A technical SEO audit of their site revealed a number of areas of immediate concern and allowed us to develop a long-term SEO roadmap that led to this success story. While any good SEO campaign is comprehensive and integrative, addressing all identified issues, it’s also an ongoing process that doesn’t happen overnight. Some areas that we identified as problematic, both in the short-term and to be addressed with time, included:


1. Reinstating broken backlinks from sites with strong authority

Although it could easily be argued that running two parallel sites that in effect competed against each other and caused confusion among their clients was the biggest SEO challenge we identified, our first step was to ensure that all their backlinks from highly credible and authoritative sites were fixed. 

Having worked with literally thousands of charities over their 30 years of existence, Skyline Skydiving had amassed a wealth of backlinks from extremely well-known charity pages and domains, including backlinks from:

Over time, it’s normal for any credible business to build up a backlink profile; however, changes to the site architecture and URL structure, either due to updates or site migration, can lead to a situation where those backlinks lead to dead pages. When this happens, these backlinks that signify trustworthiness and relevance become obsolete and carry absolutely zero benefits.

This is exactly what happened in Skyline’s case.

Having identified these now-obsolete backlinks using specialised SEO software, we set about reinstating them to the correct pages using a process known as 301 redirects. This immediately moved the needle in the right direction, dramatically improving our client’s SERP rankings for a wide range of relevant keywords. 


2. Content development and onsite technical SEO

In the world of SEO, it’s often said that ‘content is king’. In this client’s case, it absolutely rang true.

While Skyline Skydiving already ranked competitively for several of their target keywords, they only did so from within specific geographical locations. 

Shortly after signing up for monthly SEO packages from Convert Digital, we laid out a content strategy that included developing what is referred to as location pages. These pages are invaluable for ranking in different geographical areas. 

After extensive keyword research that identified potentially high-value locations, we developed keyword-dense location pages with optimised content, title tags, and heading use.

We cannot overstate the value that these pages added to our client’s site. After only three months, we had secured not only first-page results for a number of locations across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, but the very top spot in many cases. Their success prompted an even bigger location page push, adding many more locations to their ever-expanding roster. 





At the same time as developing their location pages, we also worked on a targeted blog strategy. Regularly scheduled blog posts offer several SEO benefits, making them a key strategy for improving a website’s visibility and SERP rankings. These benefits include:

  • Fresh content that signals to search engines that your site is active.
  • Ranking for more keywords, allowing you to cover a broad spectrum of keywords within your niche.
  • Increased time spent on your site, signalling the quality of your content to search engines.
  • Other benefits include backlink and internal linking opportunities, improved user engagements, and increasing competitiveness for desired long-tail keywords.
Before long, these blog posts based on Skyline’s target keywords (skydiving, charity, fundraising, and more) had matured, and further contributed to their SEO success story.   

Nearly every single Convert Digital client requires some degree of onsite technical SEO, and Skyline Skydiving was no different. Onsite technical SEO refers to the technical steps taken that make it easier for Google and other search engines to find, understand, and rank your site. 

This can include updating your site to meet the latest Google update specifications, including Google’s recent push for stronger EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness), site speed optimisation, and ensuring that all title tags, headings, and other meta-data is configured for maximum SEO impact.

While this technically doesn’t count as onsite SEO, we also performed a detailed backlink audit to disavow harmful backlinks. Although most backlinks are beneficial and boost SERP rankings, links from poor quality or spammy sites can harm your reputation and rankings. We quickly got rid of these, ensuring that all links to our client’s pages pull their weight. 

3. Migrating two parallel sites into one

When Skyline Skydiving initially signed up as a Convert Digital client, they had been running two parallel sites for some time. A few years prior, they had updated their site, but instead of sticking to their original domain, they built a new site from scratch. In an attempt to not lose their hard-earned rankings, they decided to keep and update both sites. While this might seem like a good idea, it actually presented quite a few problems:

  • Clients would contact Skyline via one site, and then receive communications from the other. This regularly confused clients who weren’t sure if they were talking to the same business.
  • The sites, despite belonging to the same owner, competed against each other for rankings. 
  • Updating and maintaining two sites and ensuring consistency across both means additional and unnecessary time and admin costs.

Towards the end of 2023, after working closely with Skyline Skydiving’s web development team, we finally launched a single consolidated site, killing off their legacy site in the process. While the Skyline team was nervous about this move (understandably so), they quickly saw the benefits as their new site outperformed the two they had been running. 

It’s important to note that a site migration (major changes to a website’s URL structure and/or site architecture) can be tricky and lead to unintended loss of ranking if not done correctly. However, with many successful site migrations in our trophy cabinet, we understood which content to carry over and where to implement 301 redirects to ensure a smooth transition. 
The results speak for themselves: in addition to their new site ranking exceptionally high for many new keywords (location pages and blog strategy), it also reached, and has maintained, its number 1 position in Google for their most desired keyword, ‘skydive for charity’. This is up from number 2 and number 7 on the legacy and new sites, respectively.

What does this mean for you?

A good SEO service provider is one that can adapt itself to its clients’ specific needs and the ever-changing SEO landscape. All of our SEO success stories also come with lessons and affirmations, and being able to identify them and apply them in the future remains a key factor that sets Convert Digital apart as a small company delivering big results.

Some of our key takeaways from helping Skyline Skydiving reach and surpass their online visibility goals include:

Backlink managment provide quick and reliable SERP ranking benefits

It’s no secret that backlinks for reputable and authoritative sites can significantly boost your rankings; however, in this case, we once again saw how quickly they can move the needle.

SEO is an ongoing process that largely focuses on sustained organic growth, but through the simple process of redirecting broken links to the relevant pages, clients can see a significant and near-instantaneous jump up the rankings. 

Location pages are critical for increasing saught-after local rankings

While many businesses, especially e-commerce businesses, typically have a national focus, service providers that focus on specific geographic locations want and need strong local rankings.

By creating keyword-dense and focused articles, our client managed to massively boost their rankings in all their catchment areas, leading to a huge increase in their number of leads, clients, and, ultimately, their bottom line. 

A single robust site can outperform multiple competing sites

A single business running two or more domains is rare, but it certainly isn’t unheard of. A business rebrand, website rebuild, or product/service segmentation might all lead to running two or more parallel sites.

That being said, migrating to a single domain while managing to keep all relevant rankings and backlinks can lead to significant SERP boosts, cut down on operational time and costs, and improve the client’s experience.

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