SEO for Fencing Company – Danbury Fencing Case Study


In July 2019 we were approached by Danbury Fencing who wanted to improve the amount of business they were generating from the website.

They had concerns over the amount they were spending on services such as Yell and BT (amongst others) who were charging an annual fee to be listed on their sites. We investigated the impact of these sites and discovered they were not providing actual business for our client and very few website visits per year.

As well as this, Danbury Fencing had a 2nd site they were driving their traffic to for the completion of sales due to the main site not having ecommerce functionality. The 2nd site was on a 3rd party platform, which was increasingly taking larger cuts for hosting the product information and handling transactions. This was eating into the margins aggressively.

What we did

In month 1 we carried out an SEO audit, designed to identify areas of weakness and opportunities the website faces in terms of SEO.

Using this knowledge we tackled the initial priority issues in months 2, 3, 4 and 5.


  • Keyword research and mapping out keyword targeting (some great success here) but much more to continue with. 
  • Built some high-power university links (these have helped boost the site up the rankings). 
  • Understood current rankings of the 3rd party Timbershop site and for benchmarking purposes. Below shows how some of the keywords have moved since starting SEO. Example ‘Essex fencing’ has gone from 8 to 2 in Google!

fencing company seo keywords


This represents the first phase of overtaking the 3rd party Timbershop site and achieving some great page one visibility on Google.

  • Found the long-hanging fruit technical issues and reported to the developer (example: duplicate h1 and h2 tags which were rectified)
  • Assisted the developer with going https (secure). The site’s rankings improved when this happened.
  • Mapped out local SEO strategy for surrounding areas (not yet implemented). This will broaden the SEO strategy and attract business from areas with your reach.

SEO results

In August 2019 there were 292 keywords the site ranked for, with just 19 on page 1 of Google.

seo rankings for fencing site before seo

By November 2019 there was 409 keywords ranking, with 44 on page 1 of Google.

fencing site seo rankings during seo


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