Local SEO Services

Be more visible in local searches, increase sales and leads.

Help clients in your neighbourhood find your business more quickly and conveniently with specialised local SEO services. Convert Digital’s local SEO agents have years of experience helping small businesses and locality-specific sites capture more of their local market.

We offer tailor-made local SEO services to increase page rankings for your business in your area.

local seo services

Local SEO in a nutshell

local seo services

As more and more people turn to their smartphones for searches like “restaurants near me,” “events in Brighton,” or “appliance repair Eastbourne,” opportunities for that first, crucial interaction with a client open up. Businesses that have invested in local SEO services are significantly more likely to be found and supported than those that disappear down the rankings.

"Local SEO is an opportunity to connect with leads in your physical location"

Take a look at the example screenshot. Notice how the hungry customer is surrounded by almost 20 restaurants, however, the search engine has selected the 3 best matches and provided extra information about those businesses. Shandiz Persian Cuisine, Giggling Squid, and Jo & Co. are significantly more likely to end up satisfying our hungry customer’s appetite, time after time, search after search.

Local SEO service partners like Convert Digital have the tools, experience and expertise to help your business increase its page ranking and dominate the local market. We offer custom packages that suit your specific needs and values to convert more local searches into leads and sales.

How much does local SEO cost?

Convert Digital offers a range of custom local SEO
packages to suit your needs and budget


£500+VAT per month

  • 8 hours of SEO every month
  • Monthly catch-up calls and video reporting
  • Basic SEO onsite Improvements
  • Citation management
  • Technical SEO (Robots, XML)
  • Low commitment agreement (notice period exit only)
Ideal for: Sole traders trying to improve general search engine rankings. 


£1,500+VAT per month

  • 24 hours of SEO every month
  • Monthly catch-up calls and video reporting
  • Full onsite Improvements
  • Citation management
  • Review management
  • 3rd party “piggyback” SEO
  • Technical SEO (Robots, XML)
  • Low commitment agreement (notice period exit only)

Ideal for: Sole traders and small businesses with a local market focus.


£2,500+VAT per month

  • Nationwide search engine ranking focussed
  • 56 hours of SEO every month
  • Monthly catch-up calls and video reporting
  • Full suite SEO and priority task completion
  • Citation management
  • Review management
  • 3rd party “piggyback” SEO
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring and reactive support
  • Content creation for your website
  • DA40+ link building and cross-linking
  • Low commitment agreement (notice period exit only)

Ideal for: Businesses of any size determined to reach the top SERP spots.


£3,000-6,000+VAT per month

  • Nationwide search engine ranking focussed
  • 96 hours of SEO every month
  • Monthly catch-up calls and video reporting
  • Full suite SEO and priority task completion
  • Citation management
  • Review management
  • 3rd party “piggyback” SEO
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring and reactive support
  • Content creation for your website
  • DA40+ link building and cross-linking
  • Low commitment agreement (notice period exit only)
Ideal for: Large businesses competing in highly competitive markets

Case Studies

Local SEO deliverables in detail

Features & Deliverables

Free SEO site analysis and report

Onsite improvements

Dedicated SEO hours to your site

Google Business Profile (GMB) setup + optimisation



8 hours



24 hours



40 hours



96 hours

Local Keyword Research

Citation management

Review management

Technical SEO (Robots, XML)

Monthly video & email reports

Optimising 3rd party profiles

Full-suite local SEO

Content creation

Priority task completion

3rd party ‘piggyback’ SEO

24/7 Site monitoring & reactive support

DA40+ Link building & cross-linking

Direct SEO agent access

Low commitment agreement

Getting local SEO right

Local SEO is focused on getting high search page result rankings for a specific business in a small geographic area, whether it be a street, neighbourhood or town. This is an extremely useful tool for marketing your products or services to local leads. Local SEO also levels the playing field for small, independent businesses against online giants. 

Local SEO is less complicated than traditional or enterprise-level SEO. As such, there are many simple, practical steps that small business owners can take to improve their local online visibility. Some clients prefer to do some of the work themselves, others prefer to let our local SEO agents take care of it.

Essential steps to getting a good local search result ranking

1. Create and optimise a Google My Business Profile (GMB)

More than 90% of all searches performed in the UK are done through the Google search engine. Being as visible on this platform as possible is critical to local SEO, and is usually the first step to take. If you have already set up a GMB, our local SEO agents can optimise it to rank higher in Google searches for your products or services in your area.

2. Optimise your content to match local keywords

Keyword analysis allows you to see what keywords people in your area are using when searching for products and services. This lets you match your content to the keywords more closely, allowing you to climb up the rankings. Local SEO providers can provide expert keyword advice and assist you in creating custom content based on your keyword needs.


3. Build more backlinks and citations in directories

Being listed in local directories and building backlinks to your site are great ways of increasing search result rankings. Convert Digital can help your site build links with reputable content owners, and get listed in local directories. We offer DA40+ link building as standard in our Gold and Bespoke packages, but it is available as a standalone extra to our Bronze and Silver clients.

4. Analyse the user experience (UX)

A poor user experience (UX) will immediately drive potential clients away from your site. When visitors routinely visit and then leave your site shortly after, it indicates to Google that the site offers a poor user experience or little value. This can dramatically impact your page rankings. Convert Digital offers basic to full suite site improvements to enhance the user experience.

5. Develop and maintain a robust social media presence

A strong social media presence with a consistent message and business information is an invaluable tool for climbing up the rankings; and it allows the customer to engage with you on their preferred platform. While it might be difficult for a business owner to update multiple social media channels consistently, social media managers can be of great help in this regard.

Local SEO

The Convert Digital local SEO process

We've worked with enough small business owners to know and understand your needs.
Getting started with local SEO services is straightforward, simple, and hassle-free!

Step 1: Request a free SEO review of you site

We perform a free deep analysis of your site’s strengths and weaknesses using industry-grade SEO tools and techniques. This includes your site, content, technical optimisation, GMB profile, and social media presence. 

Step 2: Discuss your needs and options

We schedule a call to discuss our findings and provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions. We aren’t pushy, only recommend impactful strategies, and clearly communicate what to expect over the coming weeks and months. 

Step 3: Watch you site shoot up the rankings

We implement your chosen SEO strategy and work our magic. Once a month, we provide you with a video and email report on your growth, new opportunities we’ve identified, and competitor activity. Professional and reliable SEO made easy!

Local SEO FAQs

A: In a nutshell, traditional SEO services focus on increasing the page ranking of specific pages on a website, for all locations and the internet at large, making it more likely that people everywhere will find the page and interact with it.
Local SEO services aim to make a business (as opposed to a website) more visible within a specific geographic area.

Local SEO gets you in front of your local customer base, in the locations of your choosing.

A: In almost all cases, businesses will benefit from both local and traditional SEO services. Deciding which one is right for you depends a lot on your goals and business needs. Consider the two case studies below.

Jane lives in Crawley and produces custom-designed 3D-printed gifts, accessories and toys. She doesn’t have a physical storefront and ships her creations mostly to customers in the UK, but occasionally abroad. She has an active and well-curated website with multiple social media accounts linking to it. She generates almost all of her sales through her website.

In Jane’s case, traditional SEO services are the better option. Since Jane is trying to attract leads from all over the UK, having her site rank higher for key terms in a national search is of greater importance. Traditional SEO services could help her page rank higher than her competition’s in the UK, resulting in more leads and revenue.

Jeffrey runs a coworking space in Portsmouth. There are 4 other coworking spaces within a 3-mile radius of Jeffrey’s place. To market his business, he created a simple website and a few social media profiles, but he doesn’t really have the time or expertise to create content and maintain his online presence. In this case, local SEO services could be of great use to Jeffrey. It could help his business stand out from the local competition by making his business more visible and accessible in searches like “coworking spaces in Portsmouth”.

A: Local SEO services generally range between £500 – £2500 per month. Prices vary depending on the exact SEO services provided. For larger nationwide clients, the price could increase as the SEO has to reach across the whole country.

Convert Digital provides custom local SEO packages that suit all budgets!

A: While having a GMB account is a good step in the right direction, local SEO will help Google (and other search engines) rank your business higher than your local competition. If potential clients search for “___ near me” or “best ___ in town”, local SEO service providers can help your business rank in the top results.

Keep in mind that a GMB account isn’t all it takes to rank well for a set of keywords in a location! Your SEO consultants will also help you get citations and backlinks from credible directories and sites.

A: We have successfully helped previous clients to the very top spot for specific searches in their locale; however, no responsible SEO agent can guarantee this to all their clients. Search algorithms and keyword rankings constantly change, and other businesses do their own SEO and become more competitive in online searches.

We can guarantee that we stay on top of changing conditions to a degree that our clients can’t by themselves. We have 24h site monitoring to immediately respond to changes in page rankings and have access to industry-grade SEO software and expertise to react accordingly.

A: Determining your own exact SEO needs using most of the free online SEO tools can be time-consuming and frustrating. Their analysis is usually only skin deep and the experience inevitably ends up being an ad.

SEO specialists like Convert Digital have the tools to explore your personal needs in more depth than a free online SEO checker. We offer all potential clients a free SEO audit of their sites to determine their personal weaknesses and opportunities. We then inform our clients, in clear and simple terms, which of our services could most benefit them. We make sure that our clients have the correct and necessary information to make informed decisions.

A: Contact our team at any time. We’re ready to answer any of your questions, or to get started with a free SEO audit of your site’s opportunities.

If your SEO needs include transparent pricing, reporting and service delivery, choose Convert Digital

Service that prioritise your needs,
not our bottom line!

After a free and thorough SEO audit of your site, we’ll take the time to discuss your needs, and provide you with options that benefit YOU! We refrain from simply sticking to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to small business local SEO needs, but instead choose to inform our clients of the best possible course of action.

We go out of our way to give you the information you need to make sound SEO decisions!

Accurate, honest, detailed, and
crystal clear reporting!

We provide clear, concise and easy-to-understand feedback on all developments regarding your page rankings, regardless of your technical knowledge. Our monthly video and email reports include all the information you need to track your SEO return on investment, as well as advice on possible future steps to take.

Local SEO site rescue services

Has your site experienced a sudden and unexplained drop in traffic or search rankings?

From time to time, local businesses might experience a sudden and disturbing drop in site visits and leads. Changes in search engine algorithms, Google penalties and your competition’s actions might all negatively affect your page rankings. This often leads to a loss of leads and revenue.

Having a trained and experienced SEO agent on your team can make dealing with times like this a lot easier. Our specialised, industry-grade SEO software allows us to monitor changing conditions in real-time, meaning that your business will be the first to react to situations beyond your control.


Don’t sit in the dark wondering why your web traffic suddenly dried up! Contact the SEO specialists today to find out how we can help your site recover and increase traffic.

Become a local legend with
Convert Digital local SEO services

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After our initial research, we can arrange a video call to discuss your needs. If you prefer to speak with us today, you can just call instead!

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