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Our ROI-focused SEO specialists know how to drive traffic to your site with a monthly SEO package to suit you.

We offer bespoke monthly SEO packages that are completely tailored to your needs and your business goals. Our SEO packages allow you to see results month by month, and with 3 tiers of SEO services, they are flexible in terms of how much you are ready or able to invest in your SEO right now. Give us a call on 07907 674084 or email us at to find out how we can increase revenue for your business.

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Firstly, what is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a marketing technique that should play a significant part of a marketing plan for any business that could see a portion of its sales or enquiries coming from Google. It involves working with your website in a creative way, utilising SEO tools and our experience of what works to get your website ranking higher on the Google search engine. SEO experts will understand why your competitors are beating you, and will be able to optimise your website to improve its search position, ultimately leading to more traffic and therefore more revenue. 

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And what is a SEO Package?

Convert Digital offer a range of SEO Packages which allow you to pay a set amount monthly for us to optimise your website and get it moving up those search engine rankings. The more you can invest in your SEO, it’s usually the case that the higher you will find it in those search results. But, we understand that the businesses we work with are coming to their digital marketing from different places and not everyone has the same kind of budget to invest in their SEO right now. So, we have three packages – Bronze, Silver or Gold – each of which allows us to spend a certain set amount of time on your SEO, implementing the specific SEO techniques that will be right for your website and all within your budget.

Choosing a monthly package gives you that bit of consistency that allows an SEO expert to build on the results, month by month. 

Why invest in a SEO Package?

Investing in a SEO package has the advantage of being hassle-free. Your monthly payment will cover a well-rounded set of techniques that are right for your site specifically, and right for that moment in time. Managing your SEO in this way means that we will be continuously monitoring your traffic and be able to spot any issues as they arise. We can also be flexible as to tackle any problems as we see them occurring. 

What’s the difference between our SEO packages?

What we do for your website will be tailored to its very own needs, which means we act in a reactive way that suits the size of your site, the platform it’s on, and what’s needed on any given day to tackle the specific SEO issues that arise. But, as a baseline, here’s what each of our SEO packages include:

Read more below to find out what exactly each of these SEO packages includes.

Our Monthly SEO package options


£500+VAT per month


What the Bronze package includes:

  • This is a great starter package to get your website moving up those search engine rankings
  • 8 hours of SEO every month
  • Monthly catch-up calls and video reporting
  • Basic SEO onsite Improvements
  • Technical SEO (Robots, XML)
  • Low commitment agreement (notice period exit only).

Who tends to choose this package?

Sole traders. 


£1500+VAT per month


What the Silver package includes:

  • This is a great option for websites that are local search engine ranking focussed
  • 24 hours of SEO every month
  • Monthly catch-up calls and video reporting
  • Full onsite Improvements
  • Technical SEO (Robots, XML)
  • Low commitment agreement (notice period exit only).

Who tends to choose this package?

Sole traders and small businesses.


£2500+VAT per month


What the Gold service includes:

  • This package has the highest success rate in getting websites to position 1 of search results
  • Nationwide search engine ranking focussed
  • 40 hours of SEO every month
  • Monthly catch-up calls and video reporting
  • Full suite SEO and priority task completion
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring and reactive support 
  • Content creation for your website
  • DA40+ Link Building and cross linking
  • Low commitment agreement (notice period exit only).

Who tends to choose this package?

Any business that is able to invest in their online marketing – from small to medium to larger international businesses.


£3000-£6000+VAT per month


What the Bespoke service includes:

  • This package is typically for brands who are turning over £1-20M per year.
  • Nationwide search engine ranking focussed
  • 48-96 hours of SEO every month
  • Monthly catch-up calls and video reporting
  • Full suite SEO and priority task completion
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring and reactive support 
  • Content creation for your website
  • DA40+ Link Building and cross linking
  • Low commitment agreement (notice period exit only).

Who tends to choose this package?

Larger businesses and international businesses. Competitive markets.

How we’ll work together

If you decide to work with Convert Digital, we will start by carrying out an initial assessment of your website (a technical SEO audit). This will help us to understand what it is that might be causing your website content to rank poorly on search results and therefore what we can do, over time, to move it up to the top. Then, we’ll have a conversation to talk you through an action plan on everything that we recommend in priority order. 

If you feel an SEO package isn’t the right approach for you at this time, you can still opt for one-off SEO services. A one-off service will mean you won’t see our continued efforts each month, but you might just be looking for an overhaul of your SEO. Either way, we can tell you all about your options in our intro call.

Read more below to find out what benefits the SEO packages includes and some frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of SEO?

If your business relies on any of its revenue coming from online traffic, you should seriously be considering investing in SEO to get your website moving up search engines results organically. And more importantly, maintaining its position at the top so that you are receiving a steady stream of traffic and therefore steady revenue too. 

The most cost-effective marketing tool

More traditional marketing techniques are infamously difficult to track. How do you know what’s working and what’s not? With putting an SEO plan in place, you can easily track any increase in traffic to your website and what led to revenue changes or changes in the volume of enquiries. This means there’s constant feedback and accurate reporting which allows you to re-invest in what’s working and simply drop what is not working. 

Streamlining your sales or enquiries

Driving potential customers to your website, rather than have them call your business up on the phone or even come into your shop or place of work will lead to much higher levels of efficiency. Having your website highly visible on search engines should ultimately relieve some of the pressure on your sales staff, meaning you can potentially make savings on the size of your team. 

Monthly SEO Package - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Package is offered by some SEO experts like us to allow you to benefit from a consistent SEO service that build momentum over time, building on the results month by month. You can choose the level of marketing investment you want to put into your website traffic. You pay monthly, and each level of the package comes with different levels of service, but a well-rounded set of services are included to maximise each budget. This all comes down to the man hours we put into optimising your website. 

Generally speaking, the more you invest in your SEO, the more results you will see. Our top tier SEO package (Gold) will mean we will dedicate 40 hours to working on your website and should get your website ranked at the top of search results for the product or service you are offering in your area, or worldwide. That being said, if you have a more limited budget to spend on your SEO marketing, our Bronze and Silver SEO packages have a well-rounded offering of our SEO services and will get you ranking highly, boosting your online traffic and revenue. Our bespoke option has been used on ecommerce sites, local businesses and franchises.

We work with all kinds of website owners. Some will be information-only and be used to help drive enquiries, others will offer services that are paid for at the places of business (like a dog groomer, for example). Others will be online stores selling clothes or products both locally and at international levels. We work with a huge range of business types, spanning across multiple industries.

So whether you’re a small local business that need a boost of online traffic to help build revenue, or you’re a national or international eCommerce business that relies largely on your online visibility, one of our SEO packages will be right for your needs.

We offer 3 main SEO packages which gives our clients flexibility, as well as the bespoke option. So depending on what kind of business you are running and the amount of investment you can put into your marketing at this time, you have options. For example, a small local business like a plumber or salon would really get the benefit of our Bronze or Silver SEO package whilst an ambitious nationwide retailor might want to opt for our Gold or Bespoke SEO package instead.

If you decide to take on one of our packages, after the initial consultation period you will be assigned one of our experienced team of SEO specialists to get working on your site. They will be your main point of contact from that point forward. At Convert Digital, we find that this is the best approach. Our SEO specialists are the people who are putting the creative SEO techniques into practice and are therefore the best position to work with you directly and keep you up to date.

Yes! The SEO specialist you’ll be working with will keep you as involved as you want to be with the SEO that’s continuously being put in place. SEO reporting is a big part of any package that we provide to all our clients. SEO reporting means you can keep track of how well your website is performing in terms of online visibility and search engine ranking. It means you’re kept fully in the loop in a transparent way, and can understand why we’re putting certain SEO tools in place, when, and to what severity.

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