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Combine two websites into one while keeping and improving your SEO rankings for competitive keywords

Site Consolidation, sometimes referred to as Site Merging, is a fairly common practice for businesses across a wide range of industries. While site consolidation does present a few risks if done poorly, it more often than not represents growth and brings opportunities. 

Whether you’ve acquired a new product line with an existing domain and an active following or are rebranding an existing business, we’ll guide your web developers through the process to ensure a seamless consolidation that doesn’t negatively affect your users or rankings. 

Combining SEO-guided site consolidation with monthly SEO packages can supercharge the overall effect, turning a necessary but stressful event into massive organic growth.

Website consolidation in a nutshell

Why consolidate multiple websites into one?

Consolidating two or more websites into one has several benefits for you, your business, and the client. Scroll through below for a quick overview

SEO Benefits
Consolidated Authority | Improved Link Equity | Enhanced Content Quality
User Benefits
Unified Brand Experience | Simplified Navigation
Operational Efficiency
Streamlined Maintenance | Cost Savings | Simplified Analytics
Marketing and Branding
Cohesive Marketing Strategy | Enhanced Brand Authority
Technical Advantages
Improved Site Speed | Easier Implementation of Updates
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The risks of a poorly managed website consolidation

Merging two websites into one can be a challenge. There are many factors to consider and the wrong call or  ‘gut feeling‘ can have far-reaching effects on your growth, client satisfaction, and bottom line. Over the years, Convert Digital has helped dozens of clients repair the damage caused by a poorly executed website consolidation. Many of these clients had suffered: 

Loss of SEO Rankings

Improperly managed redirects, URL structures, and rushed content can lead to a significant drop in search engine rankings and organic traffic.

User Confusion

Inconsistent design and navigation can confuse users, leading to a poor user experience and increased bounce rates, further affecting SERP rankings.

Technical Issues

Merging websites without strategic guidance can cause broken internal and external links, missing content, and functionality issues.

Brand Dilution

Poorly integrating branding elements into a cohesive design can weaken brand identity and recognition in the online marketplace. 

Merging your online presence into one website—one that already exists, is currently in developement, or is planned for the future— with SEO guidance can mitigate the risks and maximise the benefits. 

Recent Website Consolidation SEO Successes

In 2023, we helped Skyline Skydiving, the UK’s oldest and largest charity skydiving organisers. Worried about losing their hard-earned rankings for their original site, they developed and ran a new site while continuing to update and maintain the original.


This caused them to compete against themselves for keywords, confused their clients who were unsure if they were dealing with the same company, and meant additional and unnecessary time and admin costs. 

We worked with Skyline Skydiving's web development team to build a site that far outperformed the original two.

How much does website consolidation SEO cost?

Website consolidation SEO prices can vary dramatically between clients. A small service provider looking for a consolidated home page and a few pages describing their services will pay a lot less than a multinational company merging multiple regional sites.

Before providing a quote for website consolidation, we like to meet prospective clients to discuss their needs, budget, and expectations. Although website consolidation management is available as a standalone service, it’s typically added to a Monthly SEO Package for comprehensive SEO health. Contact us for website merging SEO services that include:

Site Consolidation Webdev Guidance

Ideal for consolidating two simple sites. We guide your web developer through the process.
  • Maintain SEO rankings
  • Ensure a good user experience (UX)
  • Keep valuable internal and external links
  • Avoid common technical consolidation issues

Site Consolidation Guidance with Content

Includes site consolidation guidance as well as SEO-focused content.
  • Location pages, services pages, and/or blog posts
  • Maintain SEO rankings
  • Ensure a good user experience (UX)
  • Keep valuable internal and external links
  • Avoid common technical consolidation issues

Full-Suite Hands-off Site Consolidation & SEO

Sit back or use the time to focus on your business as our team takes care of all your merging needs.
  • 100% managed consolidation
  • Absolute minimal time requirements
  • Includes full-suite SEO as per your needs
  • Convert Digital's trusted web dev team
  • Location pages, services pages, and/or blog posts
  • Maintain SEO rankings
  • Ensure a good user experience (UX)
  • Keep valuable internal and external links
  • Avoid common technical consolidation issues

Getting a website consolidation right

Assess both (or all) websites for their content, SEO performance, technical issues, etc. A good audit will identify strengths to protect and areas for improvement. 

A staging site is like a ‘temporary workspace’ website that allows you and your team to build and polish the final version of the consolidated site. It allows your existing sites to continue serving your clients while the new site is in development.

Decide to consolidate your online presence on an existing domain with a site upgrade or to build a new site and merge everything into it. This decision should be based on factors like domain authority and brand recognition.

A sitemap will help your SEO efforts once the consolidation is complete, and it will guide you in selecting which pages to keep, update, or remove. Once the decision has been made about what to keep, your web developer can populate the right pages with the right content. 

301 redirects allow you to benefit from your existing rankings once the old site retires. They redirect traffic from the old site to the corresponding and relevant pages on the new site. 

Internal links between your pages often break as URL structures change and new content is added from two different sites. Updating all internal links improves the user experience and provides an SEO boost.

Set up your Google Analytics and other monitoring accounts to track your new site’s performance. With monthly SEO services, your SEO agent will monitor your site and update you monthly with important observations, potential threats, and opportunities to grow. 

Inform Google that you have made major changes to your online presence with a crawl and index request. This will ‘reevaluate’ your position in search engine result pages. 

While each site consolidation has its own considerations, following these steps can help you avoid some of the common site consolidation pitfalls.

Site Consolidation/Merging FAQs

A: While DIY-SEO is technically possible, it’s important to remember that a successful website consolidation requires access to specialised SEO tools. Software that detects and checks internal and external links to see if they’re active, keyword ranking tools, and many others give SEOs a certain level of insight into what is really happening behind the scenes of your sites. Leveraging these software-driven insights along with technical SEO skills ensures that your hard-earned rankings are safe and that you see a return on your investment. 

A: Will your rankings be affected? Yes! Will they be harmed if consolidating your sites with an SEO? No!

Even the most well-managed site consolidation will inevitably see some sort of fluctuation in their rankings once Google crawls and indexes the new site. With the right redirects in place, this should only be temporary, and you can expect your normal rankings to return within a few days. 

Combining site consolidation with a big content push can yield incredible results as you suddenly improve existing rankings and start ranking for new keywords. 

A: Imagine that your old site hosts a blog post that performs really well. You want to keep its SERP benefits going when you consolidate two or more of your sites into one. A 301 redirect allows you to automatically redirect all traffic heading to the blog post to a copy of it on your new site. Redirecting from the old site to the new one keeps all existing backlinks and bookmarks working, ensuring that your rankings are safe and that your users can easily find the page. 

For many businesses, running two separate sites is a viable option, especially when the two sites focus on different products or lines. However, we’ve seen time and time again how one well-designed and optimised website can outperform two or more with the same amount of effort and cost. The convenience of an integrated web presence, the ease of maintaining only one site, and the speed at which updates can be implemented simply cannot be beat. 

For SEO services with transparent pricing, reporting, and service delivery, choose Convert Digital.

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