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In 1996, none other than Bill Gates claimed that “Content is King” in an essay about his vision of the future of the internet. Now, thirty years later, businesses around the world still leverage the SEO advantages of well-crafted and strategic content to edge out the competition.

Convert Digital provides high-quality website copy and content to businesses across industries and niches. Our skilled SEO copywriters produce content that:

  • Is authentic, engaging, and informative.
  • Drives leads, sales, and conversions.
  • Shines in search results. 

SEO Content in Context

SEO content is the blanket term used to describe the written elements that your website users engage with and that Google and other search engines use to determine your ranking in search results. It’s so much more than simply blogs or content marketing; it encompasses all aspects of how your site is experienced, from small and often-overlooked details like menu phrasing to site-wide consistency in branding and messaging. Content covers it all.

Strong content has been essential for SERP success since the early days of the internet. While algorithmic advances have rendered practices such as keyword stuffing and thin content obsolete, they’ve opened up legitimate opportunities that reward useful and informative content. Businesses that take advantage of these opportunities will continue to rise to the top and reap the rewards.  

A personalised content strategy that updates and optimises existing copy while creating new SEO-focused pages offers exceptional ROI over 3 to 6 months.

SEO content writing and management services can help you boost your SERP rankings through two mechanisms:

Search Engine Indexing

SEO copywriters understand both how people search for information and how Google indexes and ranks sites based on metadata such as headings and keyword density.. 

Skilled writers will take advantage of this by crafting titles and headings that signal relevance and by answering direct and frequently asked questions in organic language. Keyword-dense copy and internal linking further boost relevance and page authority, all combining into improved SERP rankings.

User Experience

In addition to the obvious benefit of content that is engaging and guides the user down the sales funnel, Google rewards pages that get visitors to hang around and interact with them for a while. 

Strong and relevant content that is well-structured and presented makes a world’s difference in how the user experiences a site. If your content is relevant and manages to keep the user onsite for longer, Google sees this as a positive experience and further boosts your rankings. 

Our SEO Content Writing Services

Content Digital offers a comprehensive range of SEO content writing services, specialising in long-format copy. We recognise that each business has unique goals and content requirements. One client may need numerous location pages while avoiding Google penalties for duplicate content as they expand into new markets. Another might require assistance optimising a site overhaul, while a third could be focused on a major keyword campaign with regularly scheduled blog posts.

Some of our more frequently requested SEO content writing services include:


Regularly Scheduled Blog Posts and Articles

Content Auditing and Development

Media Copy & Digital PR

Location Pages to Access New Markets

Web Uploading and Site Maintenance

Full-Service Content Management

Whether you approach us with clearly identified SEO content needs or we identify them through a site analysis, we’re ready to help you develop a content strategy that suits your needs, budgets, and timeframes. 

Recent SEO Content Successes

The SEO benefits of a well-managed content strategy are clear. In recent months, our clients have achieved top-level, and in many cases, the very top spot in search results for their target keywords. Example pages include:


How much does SEO content writing and management cost?

We provide these SEO content writing packages both as standalone services and as an optional extra for monthly SEO packages. Contact us, and we’ll gladly customise these packages to suit your exact needs. 

Basic Monthly Content Developement

Perfect for small businesses aiming to build keyword authority
£ 350
00 + VAT
  • Up to 2100 words
  • Example Usage: 2x550-word location pages + 1x1000-word blog post/article/web page
  • Hands-off* monthly posts based on SEO strategy.
  • 100% Human-generated content

"Fast Track" Content Development

For any business looking to improve its online visibility, organic growth, and market share
£ 800
00 + VAT
  • Up to 4800 words
  • Example Usage: 3x600-word location pages + 3x1000-word blog post/article/web page
  • Hands-off* monthly posts based on SEO strategy.
  • Up to 5 revisions
  • 100% Human-generated content

Enterprise-Level Content Development

For national and international businesses competing in competitive marketplaces
£ 2000
00 + VAT
  • Up to 11800 words
  • Example Usage: 8x650-word location pages + 4x950-word blog post/article/web page + 4000-word website content audit & optimisation
  • Hands-off* monthly posts based on SEO strategy.
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 100% Human-generated content
  • Priority task completion

"Can't I just use AI to write my content?"

Relying on AI to generate your website content is a double-edged sword.

Yes, it saves time and money; however, these benefits need to be weighed against predictable and uninspiring content, negative public sentiment, and an uncertain future in SEO.

Do you like finding AI content when looking for information?

Neither do we, nor do your clients and leads.

AI-generated web copy, blogs, and articles for the sake of SEO feel low effort, impersonal, and are often filled with fluff, making it difficult for your users to find value or relevancy in your content. 

How does Google see AI-generated content

Google has a long history of punishing AI content it sees as manipulative or trying to ‘trick’ its ranking algorithm. 

While ChatGPT on other models are capable of producing passable content with the right prompting, relying on them for SEO content needs remains a bad idea at this time. 

100% Human-generated content guaranteed

Lesser ‘writers’ rely on AI to ‘write’ for them.

Convert Digital’s writing staff takes pride in crafting original, 100% human-generated content and copy that maintains a sense of personality and authenticity, never running the risk of Google penalties. 

How to get started

Step 1: Contact us using the form below

Contact us to request a free content analysis. We’ll take a look at your site and identify any weaknesses and missed content opportunities. 

With an understanding of your site’s content in hand, we schedule a video call.

Step 2: Discuss your needs and options

This call is an opportunity for you to tell us more about your business and goals. We’ll share our analysis findings with you, and collaboratively design a content strategy that will get the needle moving in the right direction. From here, the hardest part of getting SEO content services is over.

Step 3: Enjoy your return on investment

Depending on how active you choose to be in the content development process, you can now sit back and relax as your team of SEO experts, writers, and web developers work on updating tired and inconsistent text and explore new avenues to get you ranking for high-value keywords.

SEO Content Writing FAQs

A: While almost any type of content has the potential to affect your SERP rankings, SEO content writers have the skills required to write content that both sits well with your site users and is easy for Google to crawl (find) and index (rank). They have a good understanding of how to organically incorporate both long- and short tail keywords into copy that is relevant, informative, and valuable. 

A:  There are several metrics by which one can measure the success of SEO content writing:

  • Search results rankings: Search result rankings should improve due to better keyword use and more in-depth content.
  • Time spent on page: More time spent on each page means increased relevance and usefulness and also further boosts SERP rankings.
  • Increased conversion rate: Sales- and conversion-optimised text motivates action and progression down the sales funnel. 

The timeline for results varies depending on the types of content created and the level of competition for the targeted keywords. In low keyword competition niches, well-crafted location pages can shoot up the rankings in as little as a week, while more technical blog posts or articles in more competitive fields typically take 2 to 4 months to mature. 

It’s important to remember that sites with strong SEO see faster results because they’re known and trusted by Google. Combine your SEO content writing services with monthly SEO packages to get the best possible results. 

Once again, this depends on your industry, the type of content you’re hosting, and competitor activity. It’s important to remember that Google rewards sites that regularly post new or update existing content, making not updating your site a missed opportunity. Also keep in mind that your competition might be investing in SEO or content, and even if your site is currently sitting pretty at the top, it is unlikely to keep doing so in the absence of action. 

We recommend a site-wide update and audit every five years or so, assuming that your content is already strong and ranking well. In between updates, regularly scheduled blog posts, social media activity, and location-target posts can all contribute to a healthy SEO profile 

A strong understanding of keywords, how they work and how they’re used, plays an important role in SEO content writing. By writing headings in specific ways, for example, as a hypothetical question or containing common search terms, it signals to Google that your content is relevant to the user. Similarly, in-text keywords and phrasing allow pages to rank for additional keywords, boosting your SEO efforts even further. 

In general, more keywords is better; however, Google also clamps down on practices that it sees as deceitful, such as keyword stuffing. It takes skill and technical SEO knowledge to craft content with a balanced use of keywords within organic-sounding and engaging content. 

For SEO services with transparent pricing, reporting, and service delivery, choose Convert Digital.

Convert Digital: Trusted and Experienced SEO Content Writing Service Providers.

Our team is ready to help you develop a personalised and impactful SEO content strategy to boost organic growth, improve conversion rates, and increase your revenue. 

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Founder & Technical SEO

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Content Strategy & SEO Content Writing

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