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Recover lost page rankings due to Google algorithm updates

Periodic Google algorithm updates, whether core or to specific features, can play havoc with your page rankings, number of leads, and ultimately, your business. Through no fault of your own, your site might incur Google penalties that push it into Google’s backpages, making it nearly impossible for your clients to find you online and killing organic growth. 

If you’ve experienced a sudden and unexplainable drop in traffic or rankings, Convert Digital is the perfect partner to resolve these issues and help you float back up to the top.

How do Google penalties work

Google is a business and will try to deliver high quality results to their users.

If your site falls short of their ever-changing standards, you might receive a Google penalty.

Google penalties can have a profound effect on your visibility and business; however, with specialist SEO knowledge, they can be reversed.

Google and other search engines are constantly updating their search and indexing algorithms to help them provide their customers with the most useful and relevant search results.

As the internet evolves, so do these algorithms that determine page rankings. These algorithm updates are Google’s way of eliminating manipulative tactics that artificially boost a website’s ranking without providing genuine value to users and rewarding pages that follow proper design protocol, have good authority, and actually meet the searchers’ needs.

It's important to note that Google isn't being malicious, but that they are simply trying to deliver the best quality results to their users.

From time to time, business and website owners suddenly and unexpectedly see their page rankings drop, organic growth dry up, and their businesses suffer. While this might understandably cause some initial confusion and anger, in the vast majority of cases, it’s nothing but a clear signal that their website needs to be updated to align with the latest Google standards. 

Factors that might seem minor, such as outdated content or the absence of features that Google deems important, can significantly affect your website’s performance. However, with the help of penalty removal specialists, these issues can be quickly addressed, paving the way for your website to reclaim its former standing in search results.

Why choose us for your Google penalty resolution?

Years of SEO experience

The Convert Digital team of SEO experts has decades of experience helping businesses of all sizes, types, and operating in all industries grow and develop their online presence.

We’ve helped our clients reclaim their rankings through dozens of Google updates, from core updates such as Pandas and Penguins to the most recent (2023) Helpful Content and SpamBrain updates.

When it comes to SEO, there’s simply no substitute for experience. 


Where other SEO companies rely on automation for Google penalty resolution, we take the manual action approach to ensure that all issues are identified and addressed.

As new updates roll out, we carefully study Google’s technical documentation to get a clear view of what they expect. This allows us to pick up on issues that automated software might miss or haven’t been updated for.


When dealing with Google penalties, a proactive approach is always the way to go. Our long-term clients trust us to constantly monitor their sites for any possible penalties and take proactive steps to prevent any harmful drops in search results or organic traffic.

Our new clients quickly see this proactive attitude for themselves as we take a deep dive into both the on- and offsite factors that affect their online visibility and devise impactful and personalised strategies for dealing with any issues holding them back from top-level search results. 


As a small-team SEO service provider, Convert Digital strives to build personal relationships with our clients. We take the time to get to know them, their business, and SEO needs to ensure that we provide the individualised and impactful services they actually need.

We don’t believe in SEO by the numbers, but instead, develop long-term strategies for sustained growth and development. Our commitment is to deliver fast, effective results through a prioritised, bespoke action plan entirely based on your unique set of SEO needs.

How much does Google penalty resolution cost?

At Convert Digital, we recognise that every website’s situation is unique, and thus, we do not apply a one-size-fits-all pricing model for our Google penalty resolution services.

Google penalties might be the result of several factors. Poor UX design, outdated copy, missing search elements, or any combination of on- or offsite factors might all contribute to one or more Google penalties.

To provide the most accurate and fair pricing, our first step is to conduct an exhaustive investigation to identify all the factors that have contributed to your Google penalty. Only after this thorough analysis will we be able to present you with a detailed quote and a strategic action plan tailored to your specific needs.

While Google penalty resolution could happen in isolation, more often than not, it forms part of a larger SEO push to address any number of factors holding you back in the rankings. From years of experience, we know that sites that have incurred Google penalties often also require a detailed look at the technical side of their site, GMB optimisation, refreshed and updated copy, and a backlink audit to clear any harmful or ineffective links. Whatever the cause, our website and penalty audit will translate complex issues into clear and understandable terms, empowering you to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

While the cost of Google penalty resolution can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the issues and the scope of work required, our clients typically invest between £1,000 and £4,000 (plus VAT) in our services.

Case Studies

10 Reasons to invest in Google penalty recovery

Visibility and

Resolving Google penalties can dramatically improve search result rankings, leading to increased visibility and organic traffic.

Maximize Marketing Efforts

Ensure maximum return on investment in your marketing efforts by removing Google penalties against your site.


Gain a competitive edge in search results by acting quickly to resolve penalties while your competition is asleep at the wheel.


Build your site on a sustainable and long-term growth mindset by tackling Google penalties and other obstacles to growth head-on.


Strong SEO health and a site that’s performing at optimal levels require swift and decisive action to resolve Google penalties. 

Revenue and Conversions

Improved visibility and organic traffic all but guarantee new leads and conversions, increasing sales and revenue. 

Adherence to Best Practices

Aligning your site with Google’s best practices at all times makes inevitable future algorithm updates less disruptive. 


Resolving Google penalties related to the user experience (UX) leads to happier visitors, increasing your potential turnover rate. 

Reduce Risk of Future Penalties

Resolving existing penalties gives you a greater understanding of how they work, making them easier to avoid in the future.

Reputation Management

Protect and enhance your site’s reputation by resolving Google penalties related to outdated content, practices, and technical issues. 

Learn more about Google algorithm updates

Most important and influential Google algorithm updates

While Google regularly rolls out new updates to its search and indexing algorithms, the vast majority go by completely unnoticed. Some, however, have a major impact on millions of websites around the world. Some of the biggest and most influential Google algorithm updates in recent years and 2023 include:


February 2011

Although this update was released more than a decade ago, it fundamentally changed how SEO works. The Panda update aimed to penalise duplicated, plagiarised, and thin content, as well as user-generated spam and keyword stuffing.

Prior to this update, it became common practice for many websites to employ shady practices such as hiding keywords in the same colour as the page background to fool search algorithms into giving them higher page rankings, and for domains to host multiple pages of the same content to increase their domain authority.


April 2012

In the aftermath of the Panda update, the web saw an explosion of low-effort link building, where domain owners would purchase links from link farms and private blog networks (PBNs). These links provided authority to pages that provided little value to users. The 2012 Penguin update resolved these issues.

Post-penguin update, site owners were forced to legitimately build links either through SEO specialists or by being linked to reputable and authoritative domains, or risk facing backlink penalties. To this day, links from strong and reputable sites remain SEO gold. 


Helpful Content Update

September 2023

The most recent Google update to shake things up is the 2023 helpful content update designed to help targeted and relevant content rise to the top while penalising sites for hosting purely AI-generated content designed to simply attract clicks.

This update prioritises expert human advice or content from any source, including blogs and forums. A good SEO agent can help you leverage this update by turning your content into what Google describes as hidden gems of authoritative, human-generated content that’s targeted at highly specific user queries and keywords. 

Other Recent Updates


2023 Saw a range of Google updates designed to help them provide the most impactful and relevant results. Other than that Helpful Content Update, this year Google also released:

  • March 2023 Core Update: Improved search result relevance and quality.
  • April 2023 Reviews Update: Improved emphasis on quality and in-depth reviews of products and services.
  • July 2023 Knowledge Graph Update: Enhanced representation of ‘person entities’ to push expert-created content.
  • August 2023 Core Update: Further improved search result relevance and quality.
  • October 2023 Core Algorithm Update: Reduces prevalence of low-quality and spammy content in results.
  • October 2023 Spam Update: Improved spam detection and filtration and enhanced language support. 

Stay up to date with Google algorithm changes with Convert Digital's dedicated monthly
SEO services.

Google Penalty Resolution FAQs

A: Google penalties may occur algorithmically or manually. Algorithm penalties occur automatically when Google detects violations of their policies, while manual penalties are imposed after a manual review. Our services include a comprehensive analysis to identify the cause of the penalty, followed by a tailored action plan to resolve the issues and work towards penalty recovery.

A. No. Automatic Google penalties due to algorithm changes are fairly easy and straightforward to fix once they’ve been identified; however, manual penalties often take some time and correspondence with the Google team themselves. 

A: No. Any SEO company that guarantees this is lying. Competitor activity, algorithm changes, and a myriad of other things that happened between receiving the pentaly and fixing it can affect your post-resolution SERP results. 

We can, however, guarantee steady and planned SEO growth with a strategic, long-term SEO plan. 

A: This can vary greatly from business to business. Penalties due to minor technical issues or less-than-desireable backlinks can be identified and fixed within a matter of days, whereas outdated UX design or lacking content requires work that can span weeks or months. SEO isn’t an instantaneous process, and even after the penalty has been resolved, your rankings will take time to return to their former position. 

A: Convert Digital provides regular updates and reports on the penalty resolution process. Once we’ve identified the reason for incurring the penalty, we’ll advise you on the steps necessary to remove it. Depending on the cause, this might involve working with a web developer, content creator, or one of our SEO specialists. Your SEO agent will stay in constant communication with all parties involved and keep you up-to-date throughout the process. Once the penalty has been resolved, you should start seeing a steady improvement in search engine result rankings. 

If you want clear and transparent pricing, honest reporting, and outstanding service delivery in dealing with your Google penalties and future algorithm updates, choose Convert Digital.

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