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We provide search engine optimisation services to businesses in Brighton, the UK and the USA. Many businesses turn to us for their SEO/digital marketing needs after working with larger web agencies that charged prices that made a return on investment difficult. Working in large web agencies in the past has allowed us to deliver the same ‘agency deliverables’ with a more a personal service and attention to finer details, whilst reducing costs for our clients.

My Ethos

Understanding your business, your goals and your vision of success comes before anything else when you begin working with us.

SEO in 2018 is about a lot more than thinking up a few keywords and getting your site ranking in Google. Having a detailed strategy of how we will make your website an indispensable part of your business is key to reaching your goals.

Competitor Analysis

Having a detailed view of your competitive landscape lets us work out the best way to rub shoulders with the top-performing businesses in your niche. For more info on SEO Competitor Analysis click here.

Understanding SEO in your niche

Having carried out SEO for a multitude of businesses in many different industries has equipped us to handle most SEO enquiries we are presented with. Below are just some of the industries we have successfully  carried out SEO strategies in:

  • Jewellers
  • Photographers
  • Plumbers/Electricians
  • Airlines
  • Voucher code websites
  • Fertility/Dating Social networks
  • Removal companies in Brighton
  • Electronic component manufacturers
  • Guitar teaching websites
  • Remortgaging/ finance sites
  • Insurance Claim sites

Cleaning up the mess – your backlink profile

Quite often before we begin developing the SEO for a client, we investigate the backlinks to your site to ensure you do not have bad links dragging your website down from performing well in search engines. If we discover that your domain is shrouded with poor links, a high proportion of anchor text back links and generally old tricks that hinder your performance, we will handle it before moving on. Read more about this process here.

Onsite SEO

Screaming Frog SEONot many websites can be truly competitive without an effective onsite SEO campaign. Onsite SEO ensures your website is built to attract your ideal customers through search engines. This entails us understanding how well your top rank competitors have implemented an onsite SEO strategy. Once we discover what is working for them, we can use this information to help craft pages that lure your customers deep into your site where they take action. Check out the Onsite SEO page.

Technical SEO Errors

When you work with us, we expose your site to premium SEO tools that monitor any technical SEO issues that may be hindering your site from performing well in search engines. Technical SEO Errors

SEO errors can be managed by us and you can see a month on month decrease in errors as we find solutions to every problem. Learn how technical SEO error fixes can benefit your site.

SEO Training and Lessons

If you are keen to grow a workforce that can learn fundamental SEO principles and apply them to your business, then SEO training and lessons may be for you. No matter where you are in the world, we can carry out Skype or ‘Go To Meeting’ SEO training with you on a schedule that suits you and your team. Growing an SEO savvy team can save you money in the long-term and boost the job satisfaction of your employees. Find out how SEO training may help you and your team.

SEO Copywriting

Most businesses need a professional SEO copywriter at some point whilst running a successful online business. Crafting unique and creative product and service page content that will rank is a must if you want to be competitive online. We strive to create content that is written for humans and appeals to search engines. Learn about my SEO copywriting service.

SEO Reporting

Measuring the impact of your SEO investment is important and shows you the value of what you pay for. We am trained in reporting your website’s performance and discovering what is and isn’t working. Learn more about SEO reporting here.

SEO Consulting

There are occasions where you do not need an ongoing SEO campaign. This is where consulting comes in. SEO consulting can be about a specialist service you need that can’t be handled in-house. You may also use consulting time to hire me to identify an issue and report to you on the next steps you can carry out or outsource to me or another professional. Find out more about SEO consulting.

SEO for New Websites

Many new businesses now understand the value of search engine optimisation and take action either pre-launch or as soon as the site goes live. We have a lot of experience in pre-launch SEO preparation to ensure your website has the best chances of performing well in search engines from the start. Learn more about SEO for new websites.

Keyword Research

An indispensable part of any digital marketing campaign is keyword research. Keyword research allows us to position your website for success. We learn about the industry you are involved in and the associated language, along with competitor’s use of onsite keyword research and the traffic volumes for those keywords. Implementing onsite SEO on the back of keyword research can have a huge impact in a short space of time. Find out how keyword research works.

Working with your budget

We understand that for many businesses, the SEO budget is one of the biggest hurdles you face after receiving multiple quotes that are way out of reach from various web agencies across the UK. We identify the most high-impact SEO activity to carry out each month in cases where a client can afford as little as just one day a month. Once you begin to see the benefits of working with us, many clients increase their budget accordingly to gain momentum and push their competitors to the side.

Local Areas We Commonly Serve

Lancing – see our SEO Lancing page for more details.

Worthing – see our Worthing SEO page for more details.

Ditchling – see our Ditchling SEO page for more details.

Eastbourne – see our Eastbourne SEO page for more details.

Shoreham – see our Shoreham SEO page for more details.

Lewes – see our Lewes SEO page for more details.

Horsham – see our Horsham SEO page for more details.

Crawley- see our Crawley SEO page for more details.

Free SEO Review

We understand that needing help with your SEO can often become stressful and it can sometimes seem like every agency and expert you speak to is sugar-coating their services and promising you the world. For this reason we run your site through some premium SEO tools to capture pressing SEO issues, as well as use our hands on approach to identify key problems. This is completely free of charge. Most businesses wish to work with us once discovering all the untapped potential they are missing out on.  If you are curious as to any immediate issues that we can find, then get a free SEO review.

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