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We offer freelance PPC to businesses worldwide, whatever the size of your business.

PPC is a great channel for generating business, because you choose what traffic you generate, when you generate it, and how much you pay for it. You can use it to support your other marketing efforts, such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing, and in-line with your seasonal demand, so you get business when you need it.

What Is PPC?

PPC refers to digital advertising on a Pay Per Click basis – you only pay when a user clicks onto your website. This can be on search engines such as:

Google – Google’s PPC service is called AdWords,


Baidu (China’s top search engine)

Or social networking sites like:




It works by deciding on your budget, your target market (usually by keyword), and then writing an ad to convince your potential users to visit your site and purchase from you.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple; there are multiple factors that determine when and where your ad shows, and whether a user will choose you over one of your competitors. And that’s where we come in! We can analyse your target market, find the most cost effective place for you to advertise, and then set-up and run your campaigns to generate you the most business possible for your budget. And because your account will only be run by senior consultants, with extensive experience, your advertising will be in the best hands.

How Much Should I Spend?

That’s up to you!

The more you spend, the more traffic you get, but you needn’t spend a fortune – even very small businesses can benefit from PPC. We’ve dealt with monthly budgets ranging from one or two hundred pounds right up to millions of pounds!

What we do for you is work within your budget, to not only get you as much traffic as possible, but to make sure the traffic that your PPC generates is high quality and converts into revenue.

What PPC Services Do I Offer?

Account Audit – A thorough audit of your current PPC account, broken down by area; detailing what works well and what doesn’t, with suggestions for improvement/growth.

We also include a 3 month campaign plan so you know what should be done when.

New Account Creation – If you’ve never used PPC before, or would like to advertise on a new platform, we can create a detailed, granular account covering your products/services (or just a section of them). The account will be built with best practice in mind, and be easy to understand, should you want to run it yourself.

Getting an account working well from the very start is ideal, as it is the beginning that sets the tone in terms of what you pay for a click. The better it is set up, the less you will pay.

Ongoing Account Management/Optimisation – We can run your PPC account for you, ensuring your budget is used in the most efficient way possible, and using your account data to make continual improvements. By keeping on top of industry developments, we will always know of new opportunities for development and growth.

Ongoing management also includes regular meetings and reports, so you can understand what we’re doing, and see how your advertising is improving.

PPC Training – We will tailor training sessions to you, making sure you understand how your account works, and what you should do to keep it running at its best.

We can train you, or your whole team. Includes training documents, so that you have material to refer to in the future.

PPC Strategy – A document and presentation, based on your business needs and the competitive landscape, which explains in detail what forms of PPC would work well for you, how they can be implemented, and when they should be used.

Our PPC strategies also include recommended budgets, with projections of what you can hope to generate.

Why Choose Us?

We are experts in PPC, with both in-house and agency experience.

We work with you directly, getting to know your business and industry, so that we can give you a tailored service that delivers what your business needs.

We don’t have high overheads like most agencies, so our costs are much lower.

We don’t get kickbacks from advertising platforms or PPC software, so have no incentive to encourage you to increase your advertising budget. We recommend what we think is best for you.

We offer a flexible service, with no contract. You can cancel any time.

We don’t have middle men, or receptionists fielding our calls. We’re available to help you should you have any questions/concerns.

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