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We offer a tried and tested service to get you backlinks that can improve your rankings.

Link-building is a technique that’s proven to drive traffic and is a key element of any successful SEO campaign. Gathering a portfolio of your own links can take time and high-quality links need expertise. Our experienced team of SEO professionals offer a link-building service using the highly effective skyscraper technique.

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Firstly, what is the skyscraper technique?

It’s a link-building technique that involves creating the most engaging content for your website that other sites will link to because it’s worth their own readers consuming. SEO experts can identify the most popular pieces of content on the web, so they can see what readers are most engaged with and can then create new and better content that will earn quality editorial links to your website.

Case Studies

Tom and Paul are excellent to work with, very professional and know their stuff!
ecommerce seo case study
Suzanne Perrott
E-commerce Development Manager at Rockett St George

What our professional link-building service offers

  • We plan and create the content

We’ll spend time pinning down the topics that are right for your website or products, then create the content used to acquire the links that will drive traffic to your website. 

  • Link analysis and maintenance

Every editorial link acquired is reviewed regularly to make sure it’s doing what it should do in terms of driving traffic to your website.

  • Scouting new placements

We can quickly identify new and most importantly relevant prospects and negotiate placements with them. We’ll be doing all the communicating.

  • We use the latest technology 

Because we’re SEO experts, we’ll always be using the latest and most efficient tools for our link-building services.

What do these links look like?
What kind of results have we achieved?

Give us a call if you want to know more

In the above image you can see specific links landed, which all point to one article we created as a ‘linkable asset’ on the client’s site.

If you’d like to understand a bit more about how skyscraper link-building could work to bring customers to your website, just give us a call. Or, you can use our contact form.

And here’s how we do it

Well thought-out skyscraper content

Well thought-out skyscraper content will attract links.

Having content that other companies or individuals will want to link to for the benefit of their own readers is key to skyscraper link-building. To find the topics that are most relevant to your business and most useful for your customers, we take the time to research text in your area of business that is currently most popular. So whether your website is an online shop selling water sports equipment or an estate agent website with thousands of property listings, there will be plenty of useful content that potential customers will come to your website to read. 

We use the latest SEO tools to identify why the most popular content out there is getting lots of traffic, and we create new content for your website that will do the same. When we do this, our goal is to create the best piece of content available for that particular topic – better than what’s already out there meaning that search engines like Google will rank it highly.

The content we create will connect you to quality prospects and therefore get your website the highest number of links possible.

How do we locate the most relevant content? 

Through thorough keyword research. We take the time to research all potential keywords around topics relevant to your business. That way, we find the best companies or individuals for your link placements. 

Prospecting the most relevant link placements

A key step in the link-building process is to identify the websites out there that will find linking to your content from some of their site content particularly beneficial for their customers. We find the best sites for that link placement and will reach out to them ourselves, building positive working relationships so that we can continue to work together for link-building in the future.

How do we reach out to prospects? 

Getting responses from prospects can be one of the most challenging aspects of skyscraper link-building. We’ve found a template that works, so we stick to that. It’s important to us to only reach out to the most relevant and naturally fitting prospects. As well as that, we put the effort in to communicating with them in a way that works for both of us, and will always follow up. 

Every acquired link is continuously reviewed

We have a list of requirements that we believe a link needs to meet to be considered a high-quality one. So, every link we get placed with another company or individual will meet those criteria and be worth having in place. Once these links are published online, we have a thorough review process where we make sure they are continuously meeting the requirements.  

Link-building service packages

It’s hard to get an idea of how well acquired links are working (in terms of bringing traffic to your site) until about 4 months have passed. So, we recommend using our service for a minimum of 4 months to start with, including the 1-month setup period.


£ 1,300
00 + VAT
  • 1 month of content creation to facilitate links
  • Minimum of 8 links per month, including
    at least 2 DR30+ links AND at least 2 DE50+ links
  • 1 skyscraper article created every 3 months
  • Link-building campaign planning and campaign management
  • Prospecting and scouting out the most relevant placements
  • Negotiation of placements
  • Guest posts at needed


£ 2,000
00 + VAT
  • 1 month of content creation to facilitate links
  • Minimum of 16 links per month, including
    at least 4 DR30+ links AND at least 4 DE50+ links
  • 1 skyscraper article created every 2 months
  • Link-building campaign planning and campaign management
  • Prospecting and scouting out the most relevant placements
  • Negotiation of placements
  • Guest posts at needed


£ 3,300
00 + VAT
  • 1 month of content creation to facilitate links
  • Minimum of 24 links per month, including
    at least 6 DR30+ links AND at least 6 DE50+ links
  • A monthly skyscraper srticle
  • Link-building campaign planning and campaign management
  • Prospecting and scouting out the most relevant placements
  • Negotiation of placements
  • Guest posts at needed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whether you opt for the Bronze, Silver or Gold package, you’ll receive a thorough link-building service suited to your budget. Put simply, the more time our SEO experts put into the creation of content and acquiring those links, the more traffic you will see coming to your website. 

There are no additional costs to our service.*

We aim to acquire links with little or no cost – these tend to be the most naturally-fitting and are beneficial to both parties. However, sometimes there is a placement fee to pay. If we feel that placement will be particularly successful in driving traffic, we will cover that fee and it will be included as part of your chosen package. 

If we find that there are more link-building opportunities arise as part of our research, we will of course let you know and you will be able to purchase these separately to the package you choose.

We offer this service to clients across many sectors – so whether your company is setting up a new eCommerce website or you already have a website for your business but are experiencing a dip in revenue, link-building is an element of SEO that will help keep a steady flow of traffic coming to your site.

We’re sorry, but we don’t work with clients in the pharmaceutical industry or with adult websites.

*We do work with clients with gambling websites, however we charge a small additional fee along with the package you choose.

Often we find that our clients have been spending too much time on creating content and not enough time or resources on promoting it or optimising it so that it ranks highly with search engines. This means that they have great content that doesn’t get read, and their website continues to see a poor amount of traffic.

We can spend some time elevating that content that isn’t performing well (but should be) and getting links on relevant websites placed. That way, you’ll see your website traffic start to flow in. 

These are a few of the problems we see with site content that really limit website traffic: 

The content in articles or blog posts is good, but is far too basic. Details on the topic in hand are what pull readers in and make the text genuinely useful for them. Having useful content means there will be an audience of content creators for companies who will be willing to link to it.

On the other hand, the content might be far too thorough. Having long-copy is important, but often it is repetitive and made up of duplicated copy, which is not good for your SEO. Also, broken up copy so that it’s more digestible is something we don’t always see.

Not understanding your audience means the content might be irrelevant to them. Writing for a certain age, gender or ability is something to bear in mind. 

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