Rockett St George Ecommerce SEO Case Study


Rockett St George approached us in July 2019, with an interest in having an SEO audit and ongoing SEO.

They had previously experienced significant drops in organic traffic over the years and various recoveries, but felt they had stagnated and have untapped potential.

At the time of producing this case study (November 2019), we have already seen a great improvement in both organic traffic and the revenue generated from this traffic.

SEO ranking results

As of November 2019, Rockett St George have 20,913 keywords in the first 10 pages of Google UK (using SEMrush as the source). Out of these, 864 keywords are on page 1 of Google.

volume of keywords ranking for ecommerce website

When comparing this to just before we began, we can see there has been a significant increase in the total volume of keywords ranking. There was 19,657 keywords ranking in July 2019 compared to 20,913 in November 2019.

rankings for ecommerce site before SEO

Below is a snapshot of a small selection of keywords before and during SEO (after just 3 months).


homeware interiors ranking before and after SEO

SEO organic traffic results

Below is a snapshot of July 2019 to November 2019 organic traffic on a weekly basis. Although we were expecting an increase in this time due to seasonal trend, this growth was larger than expected.

ecommerce seo traffic increase

When comparing July to October Google traffic, there was a 55% increase and a 63.67% increase in revenue from Google organic.

organic traffic and revenue increase from SEO


What worked best so far?

  1. SEO audit to give the client clarity over what issues were preventing the site from reaching higher visibility on Google. Each item we covered in the audit was given a priority level from 1 to 4, with level 1 being something which if addressed will have the highest impact on the SEO.
  2. Audit of broken links and broken links with valuable backlinks. We managed to claw back hundreds of valuable backlinks by mapping out redirects for old, retired urls.
  3.  Christmas content strategy for the company blog. We reverse-engineered the best content strategies of the likes of Argos and other leading homeware companies and used data to inform our client. With our blueprints for each piece of content, our client was able to launch blog posts with the confidence that each blog post had clear targets and markets.
  4. University backlinks.
  5. Keyword research for categories that have the biggest demand.

Other SEO activities we will cover

  1. Working with influencers who also blog. Consulting on the safest way to do this to avoid Google Penguin penalisations (penalties for link building that is deemed against the Google guidelines).
  2. Consulting to our client on the creation of new category text to boost the ranking positions. These will be ordered in priority by how close the category url is to ranking on page 1, as well as the demand for the category.
  3. Google Analytics work to find ‘leak points’ on the site where users are exiting. Studying previous years to find out categories and products that are under-performing compared to previous years.
  4. Supporting a migration to a newer version of Magento, along with other planned changes.
  5. Training their team in SEO fundamentals for content creation and optimising product listings.
  6. Evergreen content strategy based on the success their competition have had with professional blogging.


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