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Convert Digital and Camberley Glass & Windows have a long-standing relationship. Having been their preferred SEO agency since 2016, back when Convert Digital was still in its early days, we’ve guided them through a complete site rebuild, helped them break into new catchment areas, and significantly increased their revenue year-on-year.

Camberley Glass & Windows approached us way back in 2016 with the primary goal of expanding their catchment area through better local and regional SEO. While their site had already been ranking well in local searches for many of their most important keywords, they saw an opportunity to expand their business to more distant markets. A few years into our relationship, we also took the lead in helping Camberley migrate to a newly built, more modern, and improved website. Today, one pandemic and cost of living crisis later, we still provide monthly SEO services that keep their hard-earned SERP rankings in tip-top shape.


Key successes

Camberley Glass & Windows


year-on-year increase in revenue over multiple years

Camberley Glass & Windows


SERP ranking drops during site migration

Camberley Glass & Windows


of new keyword rankings for competitive keywords

Camberley Glass & Windows


new markets and millions of new potential leads unlocked

How did we do it?

Most of our clients approach Convert Digital with the same goal: “Help our business rank better in Google searches.”

This usually leads to us discussing the client’s specific needs in more detail before coming up with a strategic plan for addressing the identified issues in a way that gets the needle moving the fastest. This works and our clients are consistently satisfied with the results of this approach.

Camberley Glass & Windows, however, initially approached us with a single and clearly defined objective:

After managing to do so and building on the success and trust of helping them access new markets, they decided to: 

After guiding them through this process, they stayed on as Convert Digital clients to receive:


By focusing our attention on one aspect of their SEO needs at a time and understanding the nuances of what our client was trying to achieve, we managed to reach and surpass their growth and online visibility goal year after year. 

1. Breaking into new markets with targeted SEO

There are a number of ways that a business could promote itself in new markets; however, as we’ve seen time and time again, SEO very often provides the best ROI. In other words, pound-for-pound, a strong SEO push can reach more people for less than traditional or non-SEO marketing campaigns. Camberley Glass & Windows knew this coming in and charged us with devising an SEO strategy that would increase their reach all over Surrey and even into London.

There are several ways you could go about it, with us eventually settling on creating dedicated location pages for our identified target markets. While location pages aren’t inherently overly complex, they’re nevertheless often done poorly: they’re written at a too-granular level, which increases time, costs, and maintenance needs for the site; exist as ‘copy-paste jobs‘, which have no SEO benefits; or, more recently, mass-generated AI ‘word soup‘ pages which can very easily lead to a Google penalty and a loss of rank.

Over a period of several months, we provided regularly scheduled location pages to Camberley G&W. Following SEO best practices, we carefully analysed different locations for keyword use and volume, then wrote unique and keyword-dense location pages based on the metrics we identified. For high-volume or high-competition areas (for example, Woking or Guildford), we might increase the resolution of the location pages by creating more unique or separate pages for specific products and services, ensuring top-level keyword rankings across multiple keywords, while, conversely, smaller locations (for example, Haslemere or Godalming) would get only one or two location pages that rank well for several relevant keywords due to the lack of competition in the area. This approach ensured that our client, Camberley Glass & Windows, got the strongest possible rankings without the added and unnecessary costs of redundant location pages.   

2. Managing web migration to new site

After seeing better-than-expected results with the location pages bringing in tonnes of new leads from all over the county, Camberley Glass & Windows decided to migrate to a new and improved site. Working closely with Greyhound Studios, a private web development company with which we have another long-standing relationship, we guided them through this process without losing rank for any of the keywords they had been ranking for prior to the migration. Along with an updated look and feel, their new site features improved functionality and a smoother, more intuitive user experience. 

Site migrations can be a stressful period for any business owner. With an experienced SEO agent overseeing the process, Camberley Glass had the luxury of focusing on their day-to-day business without the additional hassle of worrying about oversight and a decline in rankings and leads. 


Pre-migration site

Post-migration site

3. Ongoing SEO support and managment

In recognition of Convert Digital’s amazing successes in helping Camberley Glass & Windows expand into new markets and launch an updated site, they decided to stay on as Convert clients for monthly SEO. With their self-identified needs met, they had seen that SEO is an ongoing process, one that needs to adapt to an ever-changing competitive and online search landscape. As part of their monthly SEO package, Convert Digital provides the following services:

Onsite SEO: Blog & Content Development Strategy | Onsite Technical Issue Management

Business blogs remain one of the best ways to show Google and other search engines that you have topic authority. When a home renovation company posts blog articles with titles like “Why is my double glazing steaming up on the inside?”, “How to fix blown double glazing“, and “Home tips to save money on energy and heating bills“, it sends very clear and unambiguous signals to search engines that you are an authority with expertise in your field. Well-written, non-AI generated blogs with high keyword density and good keyword distribution can rank for several valuable keywords at once, making them an integral part of an onsite SEO strategy that aims to improve current rankings and start ranking for new keywords.

Another point that we feel is important to mention is that strong blog articles can attract organic backlinks from other blogging or industry-related sites. Google sees these natural backlinks as favourable, as they’re yet another ‘independently verified’ proof of your experience, expertise, and authority in your field. In this client’s case, their strong blog posts have led to organic backlinks from blogs on as well as the massively popular Reader’s Digest. 

At Convert, we offer our clients the choice of having our in-house content developer work on their blog strategy or, alternatively, working closely with their writers and development team to maximise their blog’s ROI.
Another aspect of onsite SEO management is ensuring that all technical issues are addressed before they become a problem. This could include advising on title- and meta-tags for new content or pages, site speed checks and optimisation, ensuring that the site is compliant with all of Google’s updates and best practice guides, and optimising for indexing and coverage. Technical onsite SEO forms part of even the most basic SEO packages with Convert Digital and ensures that our clients’ sites don’t experience any sudden and unexpected dips in traffic or leads due to technical issues.


Offsite SEO: Backlink Building and Managment

For Camberley Glass & Windows, our offsite efforts were, and continue to be, heavily focused on backlink building and management. As discussed in many of our case studies, backlinks from authoritative pages can significantly boost your site’s rankings, while backlinks from poor-quality or spammy sites could cause a drop.

Leveraging the quality of the blog posts we helped Camberley create, we reached out to specific bloggers, institutions, and site managers on their behalf. In addition to the organic backlinks that they had already gained, this meant even more backlinks on reputable pages around the world, some coming from as far abroad as New Zealand. Although these links aren’t organic and had to be solicited, they provide the exact same SEO benefits as organic backlinks. 

Backlink management is more than simply trying to improve the number of backlinks to your pages. As mentioned above, poor quality backlinks on pages that Google sees as low-value or spam actually harm your rankings as they associate your site with theirs, making backlink managment an important part of monthly SEO services. By using specialist SEO software, Convert Digital can track and evaluate the origin of every backlink to your site, categorising them as beneficial, harmful, or neutral. Beneficial backlinks are tracked to ensure they stay that way, neutral links are monitored to ensure they don’t become harmful, and harmful backlinks are placed on a list and disavowed. This means that Google won’t associate your page with the link origin, completely removing the risk of SERP penalties. 


What does this mean for you?

The main takeaway of this Convert Digital and Camberley Glass & Windows relationship case study is that by choosing the right SEO partner—one that evolves with your needs and can address all SEO challenges—you set yourself up for long-term growth and peace of mind. It’s another stellar example of how strategic and tailored SEO solutions can help drive business success.

Other important takeaways from this case study include:

1. SEO is a powerful tool for unlocking new markets

Choosing the right strategy to get a foothold and build a name and reputation for yourself in a new market is challenging. With a seasoned SEO agent by your side, the marketing side of the expansion doesn’t have to be.

For years now, SEO has proven itself to offer the best ROI as a marketing tool. While traditional media such as print, radio, and TV still have a role to play, more and more small and independent businesses turn to SEO to reach potential leads in new markets. Through a careful analysis of all potential client bases, we determined and executed a targeted and successful strategy that opened Camberley up to millions of new potential customers. With significantly more people finding Camberley through organic Google searches, they saw a 90% year-on-year increase in turnover for several years running. 

2. SEO-guided site migrations offer peace of mind and results

Over the last decade, Convert Digital has overseen the SEO needs of countless clients while they migrate to new or updated sites. We’ve also helped countless clients who did not team up with an SEO agent mop up the mess after the fact. Site migrations are an important and near-inevitable part of every business owner’s journey and can bring great benefits; however, they’re riddled with SEO challenges. Without a skilled SEO agent who understands these challenges on the team, many business owners see a sudden and dramatic drop in rankings, leading to disappointment and loss of revenue.

Camberley Glass & Windows knows nothing of this disappointment and loss of revenue. With expert guidance at every step of their site migration process, they had the luxury of focusing on growing their team as their business went from strength to strength. 

3. Ongoing monthly SEO adds value to already-successful businesses

Camberley Glass & Windows opened its doors in 1965. By the time they approached us with the task of helping them expand into new markets, they had already been a successful company for many decades. After helping them expand into many new markets, including large areas of London, Camberley recognised the value of seeing SEO as a long-term investment in continued growth.

Google and other search engines, including the ones used by social media platforms, are constantly evolving. Updated technical requirements for websites, updates that require more transparency from site owners, and changing security and privacy guidelines are all factors that will negatively impact your rankings if not kept up to date. With monthly SEO services that address all on- and off-site issues, you can rest assured that your hard-earned rankings and success aren’t suddenly or unexpectedly interrupted.

Your long-term partner in SEO

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