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SEO varies between industries due to a number of reasons. Distinct keywords, content strategies, and online competition all affect what is considered optimised for any given industry. For example, healthcare sites might focus on informational content, e-commerce sites emphasise product descriptions, and sites that promote specific events need impactful call-to-actions. Understanding these differences is crucial for effective SEO as it allows businesses to tailor strategies to their specific industry, leading to better search engine rankings and improved online visibility.

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Well-structured and regularly updated blog posts are SEO gold, and as an SEO company, the same rules apply to our own in-house SEO. We regularly post high-quality and well-researched blog posts designed to share some of our insider info  and help you make informed SEO decisions. These posts also include reviews of some of the most popular SEO tools, interviews with SEO heavyweights, and DIY SEO guides. 

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