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If your company uses Magento, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there, you’ll know that it comes with a wealth of search-boosting tools. But, to really maximise your customer reach, getting under the skin of the Magento platform is essential. We offer bespoke Magento SEO services to do just that.

magento seo company

Magento SEO experts in Sussex

Successful eCommerce websites utilise a thorough SEO approach, and we notice that more clients we’re working with are choosing to use this platform over others. 

Magento does have powerful SEO functionality, but it won’t get your website to the first page of search results by itself. Whether you’re getting a new online shop up and running or you want to boost visitor numbers on your existing eCommerce website, the SEO service Convert Digital offers will continuously troubleshoot any SEO issues arising on your site so that you can rely on consistent traffic to your online shop and focus on your revenue. 

In the below case studies, you’ll find some examples of our successful revenue focused tailored Magento SEO campaigns.

Below are some of our successful SEO eCommerce case studies that show the impact of such an approach. This is what Convert Digital can do for your eCommerce Business with our ecommerce SEO services.

Case Studies

Tom and Paul are excellent to work with, very professional and know their stuff!
ecommerce seo case study
Suzanne Perrott
E-commerce Development Manager at Rockett St George

Our SEO experts know their way around Magento sites

The most common problems our team of SEO experts are seeing on our clients’ Magento eCommerce sites are due to issues like poor template coding, duplication of content, poor URLs and issues with how product pages are configured. Or, you might be noticing inconsistent loading speeds.

Our expertise means we can carry out a thorough audit of your Magento site and troubleshoot issues like these. This allows us to pinpoint where the problems lie and target the areas of your website that restrict its ranking power

Running an online shop today means SEO is undoubtedly an integral part of your marketing plan and as a Magento site owner, one of your top priorities.

Our bespoke SEO service lays out a tailored SEO campaign for each of our clients on the Magento platform as well as continuous problem-solving which is reactive to our site auditing on an ongoing basis.

We’ll continuously troubleshoot any SEO issues on your site

Before anything else, our digital marketing consultants take some time to analyse your existing SEO, even before our first meeting. This means we can establish what might be causing problems for your Magento website, and our team can get an initial idea of how your site is performing in terms of SEO visibility. 

Then, we set up a video call to discuss your websites needs and go from there. Or, you can always give us a call.  

Why is it important to work with a Magento specialist?

We’ve been working with Magento websites for a while now, and even though Magento’s SEO functionality is excellent, we’ve had time to get to grips with the quirks and challenges the platform brings.

Our background in working with Magento means we quickly spot problem areas. More importantly, we’re able to draw upon our expertise of what works and what doesn’t work for this particular platform so it can be utilised to its best ability.

Then, we set up a video call to discuss your websites needs and go from there. Or, you can always give us a call.  

Why we love to work with clients using Magento

When we work with clients who are using the Magento platform, we tend to see a higher turnover than those using other platforms like Shopify or Squarespace.We like to work with ambitious brands who are  either experiencing 7-8 figure revenue per year, or who aspire to do so. Like anyone, we love to have an impact with the work that we do.

What is Magento SEO and why is it so important?

Put simply, Magento SEO is making sure your Magento website is optimised to its full potential. Being recognised in the right way by search engines means that its position in search results will be boosted to the top. And of course, that ranking position means potential customers will find your online shop before finding your competitors.

Convert Digital can put together a tailored and comprehensive SEO strategy for your Magento site, making sure that your ranking position remains on the first page of search results.

How does SEO work for sites on Magento?

Magento works a little differently to other eCommerce website platforms, like Shopify or Squarespace.

Because of how Magento is set up, the SEO often needs to be done directly on-site. This means we work collaboratively with the platform developers to get SEO fixes put in place. Because of this, our Magento clients see their SEO visibility enhanced seamlessly behind the scenes, boosting their rank in search engines and their revenues raised.

Magento offers some great extensions to elevate your SEO

Our experts will work with you or your marketing department to navigate your digital marketing goals and establish which extensions available are worthwhile adding for your site.

SEO for Magento: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How mobile-friendly are Magento websites?

A. For consistently high rankings, all websites need to be fully mobile-optimised. With Magento, most themes are automatically optimised for viewing on handheld devices, which is good news.

It’s important however, especially when it comes to the checkout pages of a customer-journey, that an SEO expert works closely with the platform developers to ensure everything is running smoothly whilst your site continues to rank on the first page of search results.

Q. What are the most common problems with Magento SEO?

A. Un-tagged imagery

Images are often forgotten about or tagged poorly. Search engines don’t recognise the images on your website, so imagery needs to be labelled correctly with relevant alt-tags. For best search engine ranking, images need clear, concise and useful alt-tags that properly describe what’s being shown in the image.

Poor URLs

Poorly thought-out URLs can have a negative impact on the ranking position of your Magento website. By taking the time to audit the URLs on a site, it can be established where tweaks can be made so that they’re plain-English and easy to navigate for your customers. Doing this also gives search engines a better idea of what your pages are all about.  

Duplication of content

Because your online shop may have multiple variations of the same product pages due to product sizes, specs or colours, duplication of content and meta information is a common problem.

Slow running pages

Search engines recognise fast loading websites for being more user-friendly and will rank them higher for that reason. By carrying out a few quick fixes: (1) enabling all caching features, (2) enabling flat categories and products, and (3) merging your JavaScript and CSS files, the speeds of a website can be instantly improved.

These are just some of the most common problem-areas we see that restrict search engine ranking for websites on the Magento platform, but a full audit of your site will pinpoint what exactly is causing issues for you. And, a tailored SEO campaign will combat the specific problem-areas for your site.

Q. What if your website still uses Magento 1? 

A. Other than for the security of your website, your site visitors and your organisation, there are many reasons to get your site updated from Magento 1 to Magento 2. 

If you haven’t done this already, now’s the time to do it. You’ll find that it’ll run on average 20% faster. Apart from this potentially leading to more sales, this will also raise your SEO ranking. Magento 2 can handle many more catalogue pages without slowing down which is a big plus for larger online shops and those who plan to scale up.

Magento 1 was officially retired in 2020, so newer developments cannot be made use of on the older version. Bug fixes are slow to be repaired and running speeds are much slower for users.

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