New Venture Products – Specialist Paints Ecommerce SEO Case Study



New Venture Products had been live for around one year, before the owners got in touch to discuss their SEO. This ecommerce website sells specialist paints, wood oils and associated products.

Previous to this the business had two websites which were exact match domains (keyword rich domain names). Our client had been advised by their development agency to take the two domains and consolidate them into one brand, which would perform much better.

Following the migration of the two domain into the new brand website, the rankings and organic traffic declined rapidly. This is common when relaunching websites or consolidating multiple sites into one domain.

Our initial goal was to understand how much worse the website is performing than the original sites. With this understanding, we were able to make a plan to claw back the lost ground and take the site to new heights.

After these initial efforts, we consistently worked with the client on a monthly basis to achieve year on year growth.


Organic Traffic Increase (March 2018 Vs March 2021)

We have helped the site produce a staggering 495% increase in Google traffic when comparing before and during SEO activity.

March 2018 vs March 2021 Organic Traffic

Overall ranking visibility graph

Organic Rankings Overview

 Ranking breakdown for October 2018

Ranking Breakdown October 2018

Ranking breakdown for June 2021

Ranking Breakdown June 2021

Revenue graph from October 2018 to May 2021

Revenue Oct 2018 to May 2021

Specific keyword increases

Ranking Gains Examples

More specific ranking increases

Ranking Gains two


  1. Technical SEO Audit
  2. Analysis into the consolidated domains & loss of rankings
  3. Keyword research and keyword optimisation of categories and products
  4. 404 error management (winning back backlinks)
  5. Product page optimisation + product schema
  6. FAQ Schema Markup optimisation
  7. Backlinks through guest posting
  8. University links
  9. Internal linking
  10. Blog strategy (as of May 2021)
  11. Monthly management of onsite SEO issues


Cost Per Month

Available on enquiry.


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