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What is SEO Competitor Analysis?

I believe that it is impossible to be truly successful online without having an understanding of the competitive landscape of each and every business I work with.

SEO competitor analysis allows us to identify what is working for your top rank competitors and make a decision on how to use this information to shape the digital marketing work we carry out for your site. By understanding how the leading competitors are achieving such strong visibility in search engines, we can bypass the activity that may not deliver the best results and instead focus on the winning tactics.

By carrying out a competitor analysis campaign we can also find out how well your competitors manage their online presence and what level of trust their site has. We can also find potentially untapped areas we can put our efforts into for the best ROI for you.

Backlink AnalysisLink Research Tools


More and more business owners and marketing professionals are becoming aware of the importance of the links that point to your website. Bad links can ensure your site never reaches its potential in search engines whereas good links can develop your visibility and help you reach the top.

We use premium sites such as Link Research Tools to get a brief overview of the competitors we identify when first discussing your website. Below is an image that shows the perceived trust and power of three photographers in Manchester, along with the amount of websites that link to their site. This information gives us an idea of how hard it might be to compete and who is essentially the leading competitor.


Competitors in Link Research Tools


We can identify the most powerful links your competitors have, which are helping them achieve the visibility your website needs. Using our knowledge of link building we can compile the best links that we could build for your backlink profile.


Backlink Analysis SEO


Onsite SEO
Screaming Frog SEO

We also analyse yours and your competitors level of onsite SEO. This means using tools such as Screaming Frog to go ‘under the bonnet’ to examine the architecture of the site and any signs of a strategy that is sending all the right signals to the major search engines.

SEO competitor analysis is only one area of the bigger picture of digital marketing. Learn more about our search engine optimisation services.

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