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If you came across our website by searching online with terms like ‘SEO consultant Horsham’ or ‘Horsham SEO company’, that’s because of our ability to keep our website ranking highly in Horsham for those search terms.

By choosing to work with us, you could find that your local customers will come across your website just as easily when searching for what you offer online.

Who we are and what we do

Convert Digital are made up of a team of SEO experts that specialise in return-on-investment SEO strategies such as local SEO, lead-generation SEO and eCommerce SEO. We work with clients of all sizes whose websites are hosted on a range of website platforms and who span across all kinds of industries in Horsham and along the south coast.

We work in a collaborative way with our clients with an aligned approach towards their specific business goals and our SEO packages are tailored to suit a website’s specific needs. That’s so our clients benefits from the most appropriate SEO strategies for what they want to achieve – considering the website’s complexities, size and the industry it sits within.

Have a look at our case studies below for information on the work we’ve been doing for our clients so far.

Case Studies

Tom and Paul are excellent to work with, very professional and know their stuff!
ecommerce seo case study
Suzanne Perrott
E-commerce Development Manager at Rockett St George

What is SEO and what can it do for your Horsham business?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means optimising a website so that it can organically rank higher on search engines like Google when potential customers are searching for the relevant products, services or information it hosts. As search algorithms are becoming more sophisticated, SEO strategies are needing to be more sophisticated too.

SEO experts are best placed to keep on top of these changes and because of their specialist knowledge in the full spectrum of website platforms out there, they can make the best possible recommendations on what can be done to boost those search ranking positions.

SEO should be one of the core elements of your marketing campaigns if you see any sales or enquiries coming from your website.

SEO could produce higher ROI than your other marketing

Many businesses today rely on sales or enquiries coming from online. So, your website needs to be highly visible online for the people of Horsham and the surrounding areas.

Take 5 minutes to try to find the kind of products or services you offer, online. If your website is far down the search results and your competitors’ information is coming up at the top, they’re probably investing in their SEO.  

Boosting and maintaining your website’s SEO will mean potential customers can find you easily and before your competitors, meaning you’ll get a heavier flow of traffic to your site – ultimately leading to more sales or engagement.

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We offer the full spectrum of SEO services

Local SEO

Many of the businesses we work with are based in Sussex. We’ve become expert in local SEO. That’s SEO for companies who rely on local customers and therefore need to be visible online for the people of that area.


It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you’re in – we’ve worked with estate agents, jewellers to funeral directors. Whatever your company is, we can tailor the SEO we put in place to suit the kind of website you have and the platform it’s on.

Lead generation SEO

Our team of SEO experts have specialist knowledge in the full range of website platforms out there, and so use the latest and most appropriate SEO strategies for bringing potential customers to your website.


A priority for us is understanding your specific business goals and needs. By encouraging a steady stream of organic traffic to your site, we can help you achieve those.

eCommerce SEO

We’ve been getting under the skin of both the major and lesser-used eCommerce platforms out there. Our specialists have come to be experienced in the tips and tricks of platforms like Magento, Shopify and Prestashop. So whether you’re getting your first online shop up and running or you already have an online store but are needing a boost in revenue, we’ll apply the most appropriate SEO strategies to your campaigns, pulling in the right kind of traffic to your website and buying your products.

PPC and Social Media advertising

Alongside SEO, we also offer Pay-Per-Click advertising and social media advertising through our sister company who are accredited by the Google Partners award programme.


So, if you’re ready to invest in an integrated digital marketing campaign, we can offer the full spectrum of services

We also offer a three-tier link building service

Aside to the traditional SEO services, we also offer link building. This involves us partnering up with other content owners who in most cases will sit within the same or similar industries as your company, and therefore have content on their websites that will be relevant and useful for your customers. They will agree to direct their readers from their content to yours when it could be genuinely useful information for them.


As part of this service, we do all the research and communication with the other content owners. We offer three link building packages that cover a range of budgets and needs – Bronze, Silver or Gold. The cost of these range from £1,300 per month (plus VAT) to £3,300 per month (plus VAT). This can either be added on to an SEO package you choose, or purchased by itself.


We’ll carry out a free assessment of your website’s visibility

You may have already spent some time testing out the searchability of your company’s website yourself. If you choose to work with us, we’ll start with this too – using the latest SEO software. We’ll happily share your website’s ranking position with you for all the major and relevant search keywords and terms. After that, we’ll carry out an audit of the pages on your website to understand why it mightn’t be ranking highly on search engines currently.

From there, we’ll take you through our findings over a video chat or call then put a plan together for your site to get it climbing up the search results so that your desired audience can find you easily, and above your competitors across Horsham and the surrounding area.

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Working together: key touch points

  1. Initial online visibility review (free): We’ll assess your online visibility as it is currently then carry out an SEO audit of your site. By doing this we can get an idea of what’s affecting your search engine ranking position. This is what will help inform our recommended plan of action in getting your website moving up the search results.
  1. Monthly video reports: We’ll send screen-recorded walkthroughs of what we find each month, along with the fixes we believe will be right for your company’s site. Along with that, we’ll email a supporting written report.
  1. Ongoing SEO support: And of course, we’re always on the other end of the phone to answer any questions as and when you need us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.When will you see results?

A. It’s likely that how long it takes to see results will depend on factors like:

  • your website’s current visibility
  • the key words and phrases you need to rank highly for to pull an organic audience onto your site
  • the opportunities available in the industry you’re in.

But like with many services, the more time and money invested in your SEO, the more that can be done to increase and maintain that flow of traffic to your company’s site. If we work together, we can have an open and honest conversation about how much time we believe will be needed for what you want to achieve.

We offer SEO packages ranging from £500 per month (plus VAT), to our larger clients paying £5,000 per month (plus VAT), who might need the maximum input invested in their more complex websites. To give you a rough idea, our clients have seen some great results after just one month to some seeing results after closer to twelve months – it really does depend on the factors above and what it is you want to achieve.

Q.What can we guarantee you?

A. Unfortunately, no SEO agency can genuinely guarantee that by working with them you will reach the very top of search engine results.

As search algorithms are ever-changing and becoming increasingly more sophisticated, your website could be at the top of results for certain search terms on one week, then a little further down the list on the next. So, this is why SEO experts with theit specialist knowledge are best placed to advise on what can be done to boost SEO for individual websites.

What we can guarantee you is that while we work together, we will keep a constant close eye on your ranking position and will be working reactively to troubleshoot any issues and put SEO fixes in place as and when they’re needed.

Q. Are you looking for a one-off boost in online traffic?

A. As well as our SEO packages, we also offer a one-off SEO advice service. Depending on your specific needs, the cost of a project will be between £500 (plus VAT) to £3,000 (plus VAT).

Once again, this will really depend on factors like the complexity of the project, the industry you’re in and what it is you want to achieve.

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