SEO for Pet Stores and Online Pet Shops

Having previously developed and successfully implemented a digital marketing strategy for one of the UK’s leading pet supply businesses, we are confident we can help your pet store business thrive online.

How can we help your website create more business online?

As digital marketing experts, our role is to help you be as competitive as possible online and deliver value to each and every one of your customers. We understand that many pet-based businesses struggle to keep up to date with the SEO industry, whilst juggling the day to day demands of running a business. This is where we fit in to help develop a strategy to take your business forwards.

Pet Store SEO Revenue Increase

Look at this 321% increase in revenue we generated for a leading pet store

There are often many elements that make up a successful strategy, but here are just some of the activities we can carry out for your business.

Competitor analysis

Understanding how your competitors are achieving great rankings and converting visitors into customers whilst maintaining a respectable brand

Backlink Analysis

Some companies have worked with marketing ‘professionals’ who have created a high volume of bad links to the company site, which is restricting the website from its optimum performance. We can identify all of your good links that will help support your online visibility, whilst targeting the bad links that we will report to Google to ignore- a ‘Disavow’.

Pet Product Campaign

If you have one particular product or brand you would like us to push, then we can take care of this for you. We previously helped an online pet store secure multiple rankings on page one of Google for the brand name they asked us to target. This resulted in year after year sales via Google search, as well referral sales from reviews we arranged on behalf of the client. The rankings for the product remain strong ot this day and create residual, passive income for that business to this day.

New Release Products

When most pet stores are approached by a company who are looking to have a specific and innovative product distributed via their website, they will be interested in hearing more. The problem for the online pet store is how well can they promote the product for the company approaching them. Yet again, this is where we can help you be confident that you will achieve sales for the product and ranking pages on your website to drive visitors to convert into customers. In turn a percentage of the new customers become loyal to your brand and your monthly revenue will grow. We place your business as the go to online store to purchase the product, by reaching out to authority figures in your niche where your potential customers are just a few clicks away from you.

Content Strategy

Having an effective content strategy in place is essential if you wish to draw potential business in and place your brand as an authority in your niche. We can create an in-house content strategy based on the commitment you can give to writing content. We help you save a lot of time by targeting the content ideas that are more likely to appeal to your customer’s profiles. At the same time we give you technical SEO guidance on everything regarding the title of the article, optimum word count, to the name of the image file. All the while, your competitor’s activity is kept in mind and how we can offer more value to those same people.

Onsite SEO

No strategy would be complete without our onsite SEO analysis. This is a page by page basis analysis of the implemented SEO you have, and if it strikes a balance between being optimised whilst also remaining as appealing as possible for your visitors. Onsite SEO is increasingly important and allows your pages to compete with your competitor’s pages in search engines. We can find the most prolific terms to target and drive past the opposition by connecting your content strategy with your onsite SEO.

Link Building

Probably the first thing a pet shop company thinks of when considering working with an SEO professional is link building. The nature of this practice has come a long way and is much more organic and delicate than it once was. Many companies have not changed their approach to link building to grow with Google’s vision of the Internet, and simply they get left behind and not given the visibility in search engines that they desire. We are continually up to date with the best practices in the digital marketing world and ensure your website has  a healthy amount of links and achieves the optimum exposure it deserves. As well as this we routinely look at the overall back link profile and eliminate any potentially damaging links.

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