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In April 2015 we began working with this upcoming online trade-in business. With the market for selling used books, DVDs and games online dominated by MusicMagpie, we had our work cut out if we wanted to get results. We had seen our client aggressively working on TV advertising and already had some natural buzz forming online, which provided some very useful data for us.

As SEO and PR (combined with Adwords) came into play, the TV ads were put on hold. Despite this huge loss of traffic from the awareness that the TV ads were producing, we have still managed to increase organic traffic (and overall traffic) and revenue.

Campaign Overview

  • Onsite Technical SEO Audit
  • Backlink Analysis + Backlink audit
  • Disavow file creation
  • Competitor Backlink Analysis
  • Link Building Strategy
  • PR / SEO Combined

Once the technical audit was completed, it was reviewed by the client and all proposed onsite changes were noted in preparation for a site redesign that will take place in late 2015. Some of the onsite changes will play an integral role in boosting organic visibility, resulting in more revenue. Up to this point, the results you see here are due to the offsite SEO alone.


Ranking Visibility So Far

Comparing May 2015 when we began work, to October 2015 when this case study is being compiled, we have seen some great results from offsite SEO and PR.

Ziffit May Rankings v October

Many of the highest search volume keywords have increased by those all important few positions, pushing MusicMagpie, WeBuyBooks and Zapper to the side.

Knowing that these results came from link building, without any onsite changes being made, was incredibly interesting and leaves us all excited for when the onsite changes are implemented.

With many of the more established trade-in sites having actively engaged in SEO years before our client was even around, we knew we could learn a lot from their bad offsite SEO, as well as their best links.

This data left us with many offsite SEO opportunities and allowed us to hone in forming relationships with our competitor’s best linking domains. By targeting the most powerful sites that have linked to our competitors, we have developed powerful links and new streams of pre-qualified referral traffic.

In a relatively short space of time we saw rankings climbing and quality traffic coming from these new links.


Organic Traffic Increase So Far

Achieving a 20% increase in organic traffic is actually remarkable due to the fact that the TV advertising campaign was put on hold during the time we have been working on the SEO campaign.

20% Increase in Google Traffic


Revenue Increase

When we compare the revenue generated in the time we have been working with this client to the same period the year before, we have seen a 43% increase in revenue.

Revenue Up 43%


What’s Next

From here we will continue to focus on providing specific bloggers with exclusive deals for their readers, as well as get inclusions in posts where all the competitors are linked to, with the exclusion of our client’s site.

We will also get the disavow file uploaded via Google Webmaster Tools and implement all proposed ideas from the technical onsite SEO audit.

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